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Jackets with hump

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by lui, Aug 3, 2010.

  1. Thinking about upgrading my leather jacket (A* Helius) to either MX-1 or Santa Monica (similar price), but both have hump at the back. I thought it would be awkward to wear them on naked bikes, what do you reckon?

    What's the hump for anyway? Is it for aerodynamic or protection or a bit of both?
  2. Back protecction at a guess.

    Have a good look at the pro racer leathers.
  3. It is an essential part (or should be) of every rider's kit these days. On the street it wouldn't provide much areodynamic advantage, but that's not what the hump is for. It is designed to minimise the "whiplash" effect of having your helmet hit the road before the rest of your body does. You only get one neck and it's a fragile thing. Go the hump.
  4. I'm pretty sure there's at least one brand of jacket/suit with a "hump" that contains a Camelbak-style water bladder for drinking while riding, too. :)
  5. Yeah I ride a naked bike (gs500) with a shift vertex jacket:

    It is a vented jacket and the hump is part of that as it is vented at the top andruns cool air down your back.
    It does (sort of) prevent my head from going back too far and I would assume that it would protect the top half of my back if I hit the ground.

    I don't find it awkward to wear at all, in fact I don't even notice it.
  6. rc36 is correct, so it dosnt let your neck snap
  7. I ride with a perforated Santa Monica on a VTR250 and it's fine.

    If you are thinking of buying one and can wait a few weeks, try getting it from www.bimoto.eu. I bought mine there in March, and since it is a summer jacket (it was winter over there) they were 20% off. Ended up costing just over $600 including shipping (30 Euro).
  8. I'm going to Italy in October, yeah I know it's a tough job but someone's got to do it. I was thinking of buying at 2 piece suit when I'm there.

    I always thought the hump was for aerodynamics so was a complete wank on the road but anything that improves safety means I need to look at it differently.
  9. It also stops helmets bashing together with you have a pillion.
  10. I've a Santa Monica on my CB400. It's awesome.

    Only niggle is I haven't found a backpack that sit well with it.
  11. Slightly off topic - I've always wondered what a back pack would do in a slide... Not that I don't wear one.
  12. It will tend to roll you onto your side or front. If it's got hard things in it like books, it won't do your spine a lot of good. I knew one chap who landed on his and split his breastbone, which was rather uncomfortable to say the least.

    I'll wear a backpack on a bike but I regard it as the least desirable option for carrying stuff.
  13. That's a great price, the best local price I've seen is just under $900.

    For some reason Santa Monica is not listed on that website, I'm pretty sure it was there a couple of weeks ago when I posted this thread.
  14. I have an A* SMX-1 and I ride a VTR250. does the job fine although the hump gets in the way when you tilt your head back at first, you get used to it after a while
  15. I would always choose a jacket with a hump than without.
  16. Apparently Santa Monica is no longer in the current line up, there may be a "New Santa Monica" or something like that. This could mean some price drop on old stocks whether buying it locally or overseas.