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Jackets that leak in the elbow

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Joe in the West, May 7, 2014.

  1. I have a MotoDry Jacket that has been great, however with recent rain it leaked in the crook of the elbow wetting my right arm (and the inner lining). Do you or can you re-waterproof MotoDry jackets? If so what would you use?

  2. There are spray on waterproofing agents, like SnowSeal or Scotchguard that you can try. I've got a tin of wax that you can rub into the fibres to help fill the gaps.
    Try at leather retailers of camping stores. Anything that you can put on tents or leather boots should be ok.
  3. I used a can of Silicone Water-Guard from Ray's tent city on my RST textile jacket. Seems to have worked on the couple of rides in the rain since. Water beads on the Surface. I used a can each on Jacket & Pants, paying extra attention to seams & wear points like seat of pants. They claim it still allows the material to breath. Made by the company which makes Sno Seal wax. I find the wax works great on boots.
  4. Two possible reasons for this. First is that the inner 'waterproof' layer has been damaged (torn or seam no longer sealed). The other is that it is 'breathable' and like all breathable fabrics - especially cheaper ones - there is a limit to how much wind-driven water pressure it can stand before letting the molecules through.
    Every jacket I've ever owned has eventually leaked at the elbow or shoulder (I seem to ride in heavy rain a lot).
    Surface treatment products will disperse more water for a little while. It'll help, but it won't fix the inner layer. For me, the answer is to add another lightweight waterproof layer over the top. Something like a cycling or light hiking shell.
    Reduce the amount of water hitting getting through to the main jacket and it'll work adequately, in my experience.
  5. Nikwax may help, worked on my old Dririder pants.
  6. Thanks All. I'll try some of the spray sealants. I shouldn't complain though. It doesn't rain that much in Perth, it just when it does it REALLY rains. Cheers All