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Jackets for the Tropics

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by tmwt, Sep 11, 2013.

  1. Been researching some jackets. I live in the tropics for airflow is important along with protection. A lighter colour is preferred to reflect the heat. Budget is $250. My short list so far:

    1) Fly Coolpro . $90USD can't find anything here that cheap though. Stock seems to be low. http://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/fly-coolpro-jacket

    2) Chicane Water proof textile. $139. http://www.bikersgearaustralia.com/...TY4Ng==&Txid=a60d589aed1ca1ce186f91d517600e0b

    3) Revít! Airwave. $230. One of my favourites. Seems to provide good protection and airflow. Got a revzilla award last year. http://www.revitaustralia.com.au/in...n=com_virtuemart&Itemid=20&vmcchk=1&Itemid=20

    4) Ixon Alloy. $200. Can buy this one locally. http://www.ixon.com/www/Version1.0/index.php?ID=

    5) RS Taichi RSJ275. Pushing the budget a bit at $300. http://www.motorcyclewarehouse.net.au/rs-taichi-armed-high-protection-mesh-jacket-rsj275.html
  2. I've got a BikersGear Chicane as one of my jackets , not a bad summer jacket except the waterproof liner is also quilted which may not be too good in the tropics . Other than that , not bad at the price . Have you checked out the various Dririder or RST or Ixon 3 in 1 style jackets ? These are mesh outer with separate zip in waterproof and thermal liners - this type of jacket can then be used pretty much all year round . Other brands may do similar also .
  3. Have you looked at the Joe Rocket reactor 3 pretty sure that's going to be my summer jacket.
  4. Have had a look at the dririder, ixon, etc. They seem OK. About $200 a pop. I feel as if something like the Revít Airwave is a bit better quality and only $30 more.

    Had a quick look at a Joe Rocket. I pretty much discount any jacket which is mostly black. Black = Hot! Cheers
  5. Agree with you re black . I also have an older full mesh Joe Rocket called a Rio I think which is silver , which is noticeably cooler than the black BikersGear , but the Rio doesn't have any zip in liners so is strictly a super hot weather jacket .

  6. Not having much look googling the Rio. Doesn't seem to be much around.
  7. No , doubt you'd find one of them , they'd be at least 6 or 7 yrs old - would be discontinued for sure . Just mentioned it as a reference comparing black vs silver (or some other light colour) .

    Just got home and had a look at it and it's more like 10yrs old , so you def won't find one new but they may do something similar although don't see Joe Rocket stuff much these days (in sa anyway) .
  8. I'm from Darwin so heat is a big issue, very few jackets out there that really work well in our climate, I eventually went down the custom route, have a white Comet custom full perforated kangaroo hide jacket now and it's brilliant (about $550 US landed though), previously best I had found was a Shark vented leather and the Dri-rider Climate Control II in the textiles, a lot of the young guys up here go with the M2R Stealth range in white, definitely try to get the lighter colours, black is a killer!
  9. Just returned from a bike trip in Malaysia, sunny all day until about 3pm, then buckets of rain. Most of us wore ventilated textiles, and carried waterproofs. One guy had a textile with waterproof insert, but found that he ended the day dry, but with a jacket that needed a couple of days to dry out. He ended up buying a waterproof jacket to put over his jacket.

    I wore black from head to toe, and baked in the sun, but it was no problem when you were riding, only when stopped. I am assuming you know how to make your way into the shade, so this solves the baking hot issue when stationary...except in traffic...

    Admittedly, was not commuting to work, so being drenched in sweat did not matter so much. Would be a different story if I was riding to work.
  10. Just back from a riding trip in thailand and used my RST Ventilator 3 Textile Jacket. worked well and never felt uncomfortable
  11. I use a dri rider climate control exo which is a bit more than you were looking to pay. With all the inserts out I find it very comfortable even when not moving, although I sweat under it I don't tend to notice it until I take the jacket off.

    I would look seriously at their range in your budget, I know it's cooler than the Collins I have.
  12. My mate has the revit airwave and finds it great. He does a short commute from time to time with a mix of inner city and hwy miles. Occasionally a weekend squirt when he can get away. I have a Dainese Air-Tex 2 which is fantastic but a bit pricier. I figured since I ride every day rain, hail, or 35+ degree heat in summer it was worth the coin. Haven't regretted it, but took me a while to save up for it!

    I hope you're happy with whatever you end up getting. Looks like you're doing the hard yards researching it all first so props to you.
  13. I ended up getting the Revit Airwave. Seems like a pretty good option.

  14. How do you like the back protector that comes with the jacket?

    That was the only thing I was disappointed in with the Airwave, so ordered a Knox Advance X as a replacement.