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Jackets for Summer

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by InvalidUser, Feb 9, 2015.

  1. Hi Guys,
    Looking at buying a jacket that's comfier in the summer as I start to sweat pretty quickly, Wondering what everyone else is wearing and does anyone have any suggestions?
    Definitely don't want to spend too much so money would be a factor, not heaps keen on textile but will consider depending on quality/price
    Mostly ride a few days a week and some commuting

  2. A vented Mesh jacket would be the way to go. Leather has minimal venting (generally a few zips).

    I have a RST Urban Air jacket for this very reason.

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  3. Anything with mesh. Dririder do some good ones that also have the thermal layer, so it's practical for Winter too. They also have handy dandy zippers built in, which increase air flow when they're open.
  4. OMG, you're a hoodie. LOL
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  5. As it happens I have a Dririder summer jacket which has been used once. I tend to use the leather jacket with all the zips undone in summer. PM me if you're interested we can talk size and money.
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  6. That hoodie looks hot.
    I personally would go a well ventilated textile jacket over that hoodie.
  7. I've seen perforated leather used in summer, and textile mesh. I hear leather is more protective, but would have thought textile should protect for one off (but probably needs replacing). I'm guessing that the mesh would be cooler than the leather. (Can always throw a lot of water over the mesh and use it as an air conditioning effect too).
  8. I have one, it is extremely cool and very comfortable which is good but the zip is weak, the elastic cuffs are questionable and I hate the flapping at 90+kph.
  9. Tiger Angel have a mesh jacket with full armour. I've had mine for a few years and comfortable in most hot/humid conditions, including riding through the NT and WA.
  10. I have the tiger angel element textile jacket too and while it is great in heat and humidity, I find the mesh jackets designed for summer even better.

    The only down side of the textile is that they are only designed to crash once, while leather is good for multiple stacks. Don't ask me how I know this! Lol
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  11. As this is kind of a loaded question, try a few different types on, check that it suits your budget and what feels most comfortable to you as you'll be wearing it for long periods.

    Textile has a lower abrasion resistance level than leather, however you can have a leather jacket that's literally held together by dental floss (isn't triple stiched etc) and will fall apart in any decent fall / tumble. There are different levels of textiles and leather , thickness , build quality etc ..
  12. I have an RST mesh jacket, the one that comes with armoured joints and a back protector; feels almost as sturdy as my leather jacket. It's certainly much more breathable than leather but still rather hot, especially when stationary. So InvalidUser, don't expect mesh to be a magic bullet. You will still sweat, you will just be less likely to have a heatstroke. ;) But still, it's worth buying unless you're panning to squid all summer.
  13. Another vote for the 3 layer jackets !

    Vented textile
    Wind/rain proof lining

    Wish i had one :p
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  14. Thanks for all the replies guys!
    Appreciate the feedback
    At the moment I'm seriously considering the Alpinestars T-GP-R Air as the Hoodie sounds like it needs to be a snug fit to be effective and doesn't sound like it'll be heaps of protection compared to the textile equivalents. Also the price point is not a long way off from the A*s jacket.
    Anything is better than my old RJays unperforated leather jacket in the heat at this point though.
    I've also read about these RST Ventilator jackets being quite nice...
    Hmmm.. so many options....
  15. I've got a DriRider all in one jacket.. Works a treat.

    During summer, I just take out the thermal liner and open all the vents. I commute every day (rain hail or shine) and haven't had any problems.

    During peak winter I add another layer under it and is fine again.
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  16. I'm using a Revit Airwave 2 and chose it for a couple of reasons:
    1. It is the lightest colour I could find. I had been using a black mesh jacket and while the mesh flowed great it was very hot when stuck in the sun at traffic lights. The lighter colour is still hot, but not as bad as the black.
    2. Instead of coming with a jacket insert like my other jackets the Revit comes with an "over" jacket that is totally windproof and waterproof, yet rolls up into something that I can carry easily in my stuff. I use it if the weather is cold but likely to warm up because I can take it off and pack it away when I am ready. In Melbourne the weather changes during the day so this is really important. And when you get in from the rain you take off your over jacket and your mesh jacket is totally dry. The outer jacket is lightweight and dries quicker than a wet jacket with an insert/liner does.
  17. Where is the flapping ?
    Can you add some press buttons on tags to take up the extra material and decrease any flapping on the arms.
    If it's in the body area you could add a couple of Velcro adjusters to the lower back or hips to tighten up the waist area.
    Changing the main zip is pretty easy, so you can have a better one put in.
  18. I have the Dainese Air-Frame textile jacket. Great for the Brisbane summer weather! However is a little pricey... but a quality jacket.
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  19. Have an RJays Swift for around town / slower speed city riding in summer. Beyond city only riding I use keep my full leather jacket in any weather, even in summer as on the move its ok.

    Has a removable waterproof layer. But the mesh is good for dry summer city riding.