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Jackets for smaller female riders

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by pan, Apr 12, 2011.

  1. Hi all, I've only just started riding recently.

    I currently own a Shift Airborne Mesh jacket in an XS. At the time of purchase I thought it was a good fit and the salesman also recommended I get the XS. However after using it several times I've noticed that the arms are long for me and the elbow guards don't sit exactly where they're meant to. I have the same issue with the shoulder pads as the width of the shoulders are a little wide.

    I also tried on several leather jackets at that time but they were all a little too big for me.

    Does any one have any suggestions?

    I've seen Alpinestars Stella Bionic 2 online. Since the shoulder and arm straps for the armour are adjustable I'm thinking this might be the better option?? Does anyone own one of these that could tell me how it fits?
  2. stuff like riding gear you need to test for yourself. bugger all chance of finding someone with the same body size/shape as you.
    keep in mind there are quite a few companies who offer custom made gear if you can't find something perfect
  3. which major city are you in? there's good options if we know where to send you.
  4. Sydney
  5. if you're in sydney, head to MCAS in Auburn and/or Sydney City Motorcycles in Lane Cove. make sure you try them on and then hop on a bike to ensure jacket fits properly while riding position - it doesn't matter if it's weird when you're not riding, so long as it's snug and perfect while in riding position :)
  6. If you want to bring your jacket into the shop, we'll be able to help you out :)
  7. Yep second that idea of ozmoto - they know their stuff blindfolded backwards and inside out - you cant go wrong
  8. I'm a bit closer to the MCAS in the city so I'm going to check out what they have and try on some jackets when I can.

    ozmoto: sounds great, I may drop by (once again if time permits). Also noticed you stocked Gimoto. Out of curiosity (and for very distant future reference!) very roughly how much would a custom leather jacket cost?
  9. ozmotorcycleleathers, I will be dropping off my Berik Caparex suit to you on friday cause you told insure my ride there was no dramas fixing it, better do a good job or me wont be happy :) Before i crashed the suit was brand new, i want it looking the same as before i crashed when i get the suit back, otherwise u stuffed me up for a replacement
  10. Don't bother bringing it in.

    Ask your insurer to show you the email that we sent them. We advised them that it would not look the same. If they are telling you it will, then they are trying to screw you. If you want a brand new suit, you have to fight them for it.
  11. Just as I thought, what would of you done to it?