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Jackets for bigger guys

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by FightFan2006, Aug 15, 2006.

  1. Hey guys,

    looking to get back into the game after a few years,
    however have beefed up a bit ( and not in the good way!! )

    im struggling to find any jackets that wont roast me to death, and that actually fit. I have really broad shoulders, and unfortunately big guts too!!!

    are their any places you can think that supply or provide bigger dudes with jackets!!!

    im about 120 kg
    if that helps and 6-2
  2. you dont mention what state you are in ?????
  3. sorry mate,

    im in Brisbane,,,

    but i frequently get down to sydney CITY area for work so i might be able to swing by and grab something when im in syd....but brissy would be the business!!!

  4. I got one off ebay. Most sellers will advertise a waist and chest measurement, if not, send them a message and ask.
    If I can get a jacket to fit (130cm chest), so can you!
    Be sure if you have the choice, to get one slightly bigger, to allow for a jumper or heavy shirt underneath in colder weather, and to allow for movement when on teh bike. Not too much bigger though.

    Regards, Andrew.
  5. I am 6'4 and easily 120kg and have big shoulders. Motodry have 3XL jackets that fit me really well.

    Just go and try on different brands to see what fits.

  6. I have found that a Dririder Rally Cross Jacket fits a larger rider such as myself. Failing that you can have Tigerangel custom made to fit you.
  7. I am 6 foot 8 and 147kg's

    I have a Rjays Venom jacket size 54 which I can fit a few jumpers under aswell. It is also leather.

    I also have a dri rider Dry-Mesh jacket that fits very well and it's only a 5XL, it even goes to a 6XL.

    It took me a while to find something on the net so I just tried going to into shops and looking.

    I got both jackets from MCAS in sydney. There is a large shop out in parramatta or if your in the city of sydney, they have an MCAS shop on wentworth street, which is a bit smaller but last time I was there they had both jackets there.

  8. thanks guys!


    looks like im hitting the shops on satty!
    had a ride today of a 750 Zephyr and thats it im hooked again!
  9. Fightfan, come see me at Pro kawasaki at slack creek, I think i know what you're after

  10. Tanya,

    You are awesome! You seem to know what you are talking about and are a genuine asset to the community!

  11. Nice one Tanya... I'd already told FF to come down and say hi to us all on saturday so if I see him first I'll make sure I send him your way!!!!!!
  12. :shock:

    You, sir, are a monster.
  13. Hehe, same as me. 6'8" @ 140+kg's.
    I also have an RJays. Dunno the model/type though. Just got it off eBay.
    It says 3XL in the lining. Kind of an all weather one with an extra inner lining for the winter.
    Does the job suitably, though I can see it getting uncomfortable in the summer months :?
  14. I have a Dri-Rider "Highway" jacket which is also a good fit for "larger" persons. It's a textile based jacket and costs around $200.

    One of the nifty things is that it has two waist straps that are fastened by velcro and when tightened, gives me a windproof "seal". Other jackets that don't have waist adjustment often allow cold air to blast up the back of them.

    It has a removable vest for warmer days. But I wouldn't be using it on hot days, though, as it has an inner liner that's not really breathable. Thus you'd probably sweat in it. For those days I use a Spidi "Dri-mesh" jacket.
  15. Anyone know of any good leather brands that cater for bigger guys?
  16. Honda Phantom, joe rocket cater to the bigger market, but even they have limitations.. are you talking large or tall?

    If large, I strongly recommend you go custom as anything of the shelf will be a compromise

    With textiles, motordry cater for the larger gentlemen, but seeing someone in the flesh is the easiest way to guage what will fit them :)
  17. cheers for all the excellent advice,!!!!
    really hoping to get down there on satty to cheer on mcffy as she rips outta the carpark on her new beast!!!

    seeya then

  18. Stagg in Melbourne can do custom fitting for you, as far as I know, you simply send them some measurements for top or bottom and they can adjust current range to suit.

    Not sure what measurements they need, but the price is only around $40-50 more than off the shelf jackets, pants, suits...
  19. I was wanting to buy a set of Laro leathers, but iam 1 size larger than there largest size...

    Iam a size 60 approx (euro) for jacket.
  20. This is me on a mates CBR250R