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Jackets branded same as bikes

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by ngalbrai, Oct 3, 2012.

  1. What are people's thoughts on this? I have a red striple and really like the Triumph stockton jacket, not because its Triumph but because I like the styling of it.

    I know I shouldnt care what others think - but I do.

    So, what is the general consensus on jackets the same brand as the bike?

    The dealers I spoke to about stock dont have any and say that they dont really sell all that many as people prefer Dainese etc.

    Am going to LA at xmas so will look and buy over there as WAY cheaper, will look at and try several options but the stockton stands out to me atm.

  2. It is at least better than wearing a jacket for a completely different bike (like wearing a HD jacket on a Japanese cruiser)
  3. What do you think when you see a guy get out of a Porsche or Ferrari, or even a Monaro for that matter, with a matching jacket?
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  4. I think Triumph and H-D both make some great jackets, only problem is as above a lot of people would probably think it funny if you wear one on a different brand bike which might be an issue in future!
  5. Definitely a no - no. I personally think it looks a bit lame...
  6. Not a fan of branded jackets.

    REAL shame is that HD do some nice jackets, but as I ride a metric I wouldn't wear one.

    Generally, as soon as I see a matching jacket/bike combo it looks like an impulse lifestyle purchase to look the part or fit in.

    That said, if you like it, screw what I or anyone else thinks.
  7. Lots of BMW riders wear BMW branded gear, lots of Harley riders wear Harley branded gear but I suspect at least part of that's because they are marketed as premium brands.

    Wearing a Hyosung jacket doesn't have the same appeal :)

    As for Triumph... well they might not quite be a premium brand (yet) but they are far from Hyosung. They're a company with a long history and I can understand some people wanting to wear the company name.

    Me? I think it's ok as long as long as it's restrained and limited branding (say on the arm or the pocket) and not big logos plastered all over a jacket (but then I think the same way about Harley riding gear too).

    A couple of examples of what I'm talking about...



    A bit much IMO...

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  8. I've got a purple Street Triple & a black & white Triumph Jacket and no one's ever told me I looked daggy (well not to my face) - feck it, wear what you like.

    You'll still be further up the food chain from chunky lycra-wearing cyclists so who cares.
  9. I think they're pretty lame, but having said that I do have one of the Alpinestars/Triumph textile jackets, but only cause it was a bargain off ebay, and is a top quality jacket.
    The other thing is the Triumph logo would come off very easily without damaging the jacket :)
  10. That's because they come with three arms.
    All on the left hand side.
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  11. thats because having 3 arms makes it easier to fix them, and having them all on the same side makes it easier to push the bike to the side of the road :)
  12. Have we run out of nodding threads....?
  13. If you like it, wear it!

    It doesn't matter even if you're riding a different bike to what you're earing. Just a label on the jacket, isn't it?
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  14. I was wearing my Ford Racing jacket (over leathers) while riding my Across...cool yeah?
  15. Not quite as cool as this:

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  16. pretty lame imo, though if i owned an R1200GS i would consider the bmw adventure gear as i have heard its actually pretty dam good, but i dont so i dont.

    When i see people decked out in crappy joe rocket suzuki jackets and the like, i assume the rider is either: Some d1ckhead from the west riding around on his gixa with his arms straight and his elbows locked with a fully sick tribal graphic on his helmet. These people are normally shitcants who cant ride.

    Or i just assume they got destroyed by the sales person financed all their gear and did no shopping around at all and just walked in and bought the shinyist bike they could find. Normally these people are shit riders too.

    I highly recommend you dont buy gear from the same brand as your bike, unless its just a normal black jacket with a tiny logo, then its ok, because nobody can tell your wearing a bike brand jacket, so your not.
  17. Tricky situation you're in now....buy it and risk looking like a wanker because you match or not buy it and risk looking like a wanker who cared what strangers on the internet thought. :-k
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  18. ^^ this
  19. Even if it does make you look like a cock
  20. I would happily wear something like the below if I owned a triumph, I don't really see how they are any different to any other brand emblazoned bike jacket?