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Jacket types? quick question.

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Bogus69, Apr 20, 2005.

  1. As a soon to be new rider and coming into winter I'm still trying to decide whether to go for leather for my jacket.

    For warmth how would a "dry" jacket compare to a leather + waterproof over jacket combo?

    And how cold are we talking when riding with leathers in winter?

  2. leather has nothing over a dririder style jacket for protection from the elements. leathers advantages are protection from the road and looks, but textiles are comfier, more versatile, cooler and warmer (depending on liners/style).

    just starting off, i'd definately recommend a full length textile jacket and some daks to match. you wont be going fast enuff to need the extra protection of leather and this time of the year would be hell on a learner without adequete protection from the elements.

    get some leathers aswell when summer hits and you want to do some hooning, but you'll only be doing touring/commuting over winter esp. as a learner and textiles are just so much better suited to that....
  3. I was at a talk given by Steve Howden of Tigerangel last week.
    He was suggesting that you can go for well fitting set of leathers and when necessary use a looser-fitting waterproof over the top.
    Leather offers the protection from gravel rash but not great waterproofing, except in the case of the Tigerangel Guardian or like BMW waterproof leather suit.

  4. Yeah, I figured as much.

    Still wondering though if leather + waterproof over the top = as warm as dryrider type.

    I thought maybe the waterproof layer may stop wind getting in and make things warmer???
  5. Yes. Layers for winter.
  6. Trouble with oversuits is that hardly any are breathable, making them a bit sweaty in any weather. Cheap option if you already have the leathers tho.
    Many of the textile jackets/pants are quite breathable, making them more comfortable across a broad range of conditions. you get what you pay for regarding "breathability" - usually.
  7. nar, leather is fine for protection against wind, but it cant insulate for crap. stopping the wind/wet from touching you is only part of the solution, you cant possibly understand how cold it is out there in winter till your out there, they dont give you 2 liners in some jackets for nothing, it'll freeze the balls off a brass monkey out there some days :shock:

    its JUST as important to protect yourself from cold as it is from the road. cold fingers dont move well and cold arms etc are just the same, your reaction time reduces greatly and your chances of hitting the road are increased. its hard to explain just how cold you can get even in a short 30min ride without the right gear, you can end up shiverring uncontrollably and numb in the extremities. wind at 80-100kph is NASTY in the middle of winter....
  8. Solution: move to Sydney.

  9. I'd go for textiles for everyday riding and leathers for weekend blasts. They're far more versatile than leathers.

    Leathers may be able to ultimately offer the best protection, but they are hot in summer, cold in winter, I have yet to own a set that is waterproof and textiles aren't that far behind protection-wise (so long as you steer clear of the cheapo brands).
  10. Thanks a lot guys.

    I am swaying toward textles now.

    any brands to avoid?
    I think I have seen motodry and dryrider.
    Scootercity looks like they have some good specials atm
  11. i have a dri rider summit jacket. it is a long jacket (goes to just below your bum cheeks not one of these that only go to your waist)

    its got e removable thermal liner, a removable thermal bib type thing, and vents on each side, front and rear that you can open up an get airflow through on the warmer days. i have never been touched by the rain in that, and would not want to be wearing anything less on a cold day (especially on a cold friday night after coffee commuting the 45 mins it takes to get back to my place in geelong)

    Textile jackets are reasonable for protection. i recently road tested my summer dri rider offroad series jacket (offroad series but made from the same material) i wore a hole through the left shoulder but by that time ide slowe ddown enough to stop it from continuing to my flesh. ( it was a 60kph off i would more than likely be wearing gauze padding on my shoulder if i came off at 80kph+ but the "normal jackets do offer more protection thicker fabric and not a mesh style that promotes airflow)

    as for pants definately nothing less than draggin jeans, i hade a good quality pair of normal jeans on and made mince meat of them. the road then making mince meat of my left knee. so definately nothing less than the draggins with their kevlar insets.

    its basically down to personal choice, with textiles, you can replace the damaged sections of the jacket, and have a multi functioning "weatherproof" jacket. with leather you can generally just buff the scuff marks out of them and they arent as versatile as the textiles but offer far more protection.
  12. Motodry (from what the people at BikeMart have told me) are a split from the dryrider company. Offer a very similar product for a lot less. My wife has one and she finds it excellent. I am using a REISSA kevlar re-inforced jacket (available from torrini leathers) - probably one of the cheapest available but it has lasted me 4 years and 1 slide down the butimen.

    As for places to look - definitely try BikeMart in Ringwood. Great selection, and great service. If you can hold out till may 26 they are having a 'netrider gear night' where they will have some great specials (usually 15-20% off things). At other times let them know you are a netrider member and you get 10%.
  13. I found that the "Classic" Jacket at www.marsleathers.com.au is the best for all types of riding. Whether you are just doing a little ride to the end of your street to show off your bike to that hot lil chick, or guy (dunno if you are gay or not), or you can take the "Classic" mars leather jacket up to reefton and not look out of place with all the Spidi, Alpinestar gear you see up there, you'll blend in. Also at coffee nights I guarantee people will ask you where you got your jacket from.

    I got two, one that I wear on the bike, and the other I where when I go gambling at the casino cause you never know when you are gonna meet that special lady.

    Or if you want to be a bit sportier, I'd go the "Bathurst". Warmth and looks is what you need. Ask anyone here, I'm a huge fan of gear that LOOKS good as well as BEING good. I was gonna get one, but I didn't have enough money.

    Be safe, be warm, but when it comes to bike fashion.... you gotta be coool.

    Hope this helps you.


  14. I have a number of jackets for different occasions. My favorite for summer is a Spidi Mesh jacket. No good for cooler or wet riding. So, what I do is to carry along a jumper and a Motodry overjacket. That kept me snug from Merimbula to Cann River a few weeks back when we travelled over the mountains to Candelo, Cathcart, etc. to Bombala. Wet, foggy and drizzly all the way, I was kept dry and warm. I also had Motodry overpants over my Draggin' Jeans.

    For winter and heavy duty wet weather riding, I have a DriRider Jacket and DriRider pants. Both keep me warm, but the jacket is now failing, so it's due for renewal.

    For normal riding, I have an Rjays textile style jacket. It can keep me warm too, but doesn't seem as cosy as the DriRider. I'll probably use that more often as it's a better fit and take the overjacket with me for when it rains.

    As for getting sweaty, the overjacket didn't really show that. I wore it over the Spidi home from the Island after the GP on the Monday, mainly cos it was a tad cool and at times a bit drizzly, before it cleared towards lunchtime. I took it off when I got to a mate's place fora cuppa, and rode home with just the mesh jacket and jumper on underneath. It was a little breezy, but as it was only a 30 km run, it was tolerable.
  15. If you were to wear leathers, jump in a set of thermals and that should help with the warmth.
  16. I started out with the dri rider nordic 3 jacket

    Great for winter.. However as I like to ride very early in the morning in winter (12am-4am) I still wore thermals under it, but it did a great job...

    As time has gone on I have purchased a few other jackets to go with the weather conditions..

    The Roe Rocket Summer Jacket... VERY GOOD IN SUMMER

    And just resently I purchased a leather jacket.. Joe Rocket Mercury..

    For a first jacket I would go the textile jacket and get a leather one later on..

  17. For the last 3 years I have worn a dririder extreme jacket all year round, I find it, with all the linings, warm enough in the winter, even on long trips at near freezing temps, but it does get a little hot in summer even with the vents open if you are stuck in traffic or at the lights for too long.

    As for the rain the most water its let in is a little in the cuffs.

    Hope this helps :)
  18. OK so it sounds like lots of plp are happy with their dririder and motodry gear.

    Next week I will cruise up elizabeth st and take a closer look