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Jacket sizes

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by nathan2145, Jul 29, 2009.

  1. hey guys

    a friend is willing to sell there dianese jacket, which usually retails over $1000 for a price closer to the $500 dollar mark.

    i tried the same jacket on in a shop today, where the size the friend is selling is actually a size 48, when i tried it in the shop, it seemed a really good fit, but the salesmen reckoned i should go down a size so the leather could better stretch and fit more snuggly around me.

    what you reckon i should do, is the one size difference going to be that much difference, im only a learner atm, and found the 48 a preety firm fit, but have to also agreee with the salesmen, where although a size down did seem really tight, giving some stretch i imagine would be just right.

    is the saving still worth it?, cause i reckon i can easily get away with the 48, but still i don't want to compromise safety
  2. If the 48 is a firm fit I seriously doubt you'd compromise safety wearing it.. and for a $500 saving from a mate where you know the history I think this is a no brainer and would take up the offer if you need a jacket.

    When wearing the 48 can it slide up your body easily? if not no drama imo, save yourself some cash.
  3. Go the 48. You have to be able to wear the thing first time. It wont streatch as much but it wont have to either.
  4. What did you have on under the jacket? In winter you may want a jumper under the jacket and in summer just a t-shirt.

    Hope that helps
  5. When I bought my Alpinestars MX1 Jacket, I ended up buying one size up (yeah, Arnold Shwarz. look out :cool: ) even though the first one I tried was good, albeit very snug.
    Salesman was a top guy-very honest and professional in his advice, as they all should be.
    IF you plan on wearing thicker clothing underneath during winter, stay with the 48. IF you plan on sometime adding extra armour that the jacket isn't sold with (eg chest guards, back protector etc), stay with the 48.

    Not long after buying my jacket, I added Alpinestars Back Protector and chest guards..and now the jacket is very snug, be it with the added protection (and confidence) as well as having the option to wear a hoody underneath as well for those cooler (ahem..now) times.

    Food for thought.
  6. thanks heaps for the help guys,

    yea i reckon the 48 would be alright, it didn't give much, and i only tried it on with a t-shirt on, so im sure with some armour or a jumper would be a better fit, hopefully worth the saving.

    cheers for helping out a newbie