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Jacket + other gear recommendations.

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by moforila, Jun 22, 2007.

  1. I am about to go for my L's and have started considering what gear I should get.

    First thing I looked into was the helmet, after find a great article about snell certification and how helmets that are too stiff may do more harm then good when it comes to reducing the amounts of G's you head is exposed to.

    Any way this showed me how confusing the motorcycle gear market can be, so I wanted your suggestions on a good jackets, boots and gloves.

    I have a budget of around $1500, including helmet which will probably be a shark for $399 and thats 1100 left over for the rest.

    Im am trying to spend as little as possible while still getting the best amount of protection. As was proven with the helmets the more you spend doesn't mean the safer the helmet is going to be.

    Any thoughts?
  2. if i was starting out and knew what I now know I'd get tiger angel element jacket and pants but with boots and gloves that may blow your budget.
    but these guys have lots of good stuff
    and they are in NSW
  3. Say I wanted the best tiger angel gear. Eg the goretex technology suit. Are they actually worth the cash?
  4. i'm looking at them as I'm about to go touring.
    but unless you want leathers it sort of makes sense
    eg for ordinary gear to ride year round in Melbourne I've got: leather jacket $400, draggins $200, summer jacket $300, water proofs $100
    there's lots of options and collins leathers also have good looking stuff
  5. Not that it's any guide, but I have.

    Old-style Rivett leather jacket, $100 from a guy on e-bay

    Moto-Dry winter jacket, with removable lining, I think I paid around $299 two years ago.

    R-Jays Octane textile jacket with removable wet-weather liner that is TOPS, $199.

    Draggins, don't ride without at least these, $199.

    Scorpion leather pants, around $230, as I recall.

    Netrider Neck Warmer, a kind present from a gentleman in Melbourne

    Summer-weight gloves, $70

    Wet-weather gloves, $70

    Oxford heated hand-grips (mock at your peril :p), $129

    Spider basic boots, $149.
  6. I've got the TA Guardian Suit with the gortex liners. Absolutely love it. Keeps me bone dry, with the liner out its not to bad during summer. Crash tested the jacket twice and its been pretty good both times.

    Highly recommended.
  7. lol I want to get the suit aswell, jsut wondering why its $2000
  8. If you are on a real tight budget, have a look for leather jackets from an ebay store called "OZ OUTLET"

    I just bought a jacket with 1.5mm cowhide and armor for $214 which included postage, its pretty good for that price, but i'm still going to buy another one for about 500 in a few months time. Whence forth i will delegate this one as a spare.

    Anybody know the best place to pick up kevlar jeans in Syd?
  9. My friend recommends me to get Alpinestar gear.. They any good?
  10. although more $$$ does not always equal better gear, you'll generally find that more expensive gear is better constructed. I would recommend you find a a few bike accessory stores and let them kit you out under the guise of "i'm getting / have my L's and need to budget for bike and gear". That way you can try different brands and compare quality yourself, and you're being upfront in that you're not buying that day. Get them write the info on a business card and work out what you want after you've seen a few stores.

    Most important is fit. If you take a slide you want more than anything for your gear to fit you like your skin, so it saves your skin.

    If you're on a very strict budget you might want to consider seeing if you can find any items you like from your fit out on ebay or second hand (but still in good nick).

    Something that may influence choice is the type of riding you'll be doing, which you haven't mentioned. If you're out on weekends at speed in the twisties get a full leather suit! If you're doing a slow commute you could get away with some good fitting kevlar pants for less with some knee armour. Yes there are lots of choices! But don't skimp on your skin!