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Jacket or 1 pc suit for everyday commuting?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by CrEsT, Sep 2, 2010.

  1. First of all, I'm a learner and I'll be riding a small Yamaha R125 to uni and work... but I still want to be as safe as I can.

    I was saving some dollars to get the A-Stars MX-1 jacket, I love how it looks and seems to have pretty decent protection, but I recently discovered Held and saw their 1pc suit.

    Price is attractive $1,199.95 USD and it seems to be very good quality.


    According to my logic, if I get the 1 pc suit, I'll force myself to wear it and not just the jacket.

    My concern is how uncomfortable/inconvenient this will be, having to carry my regular clothes in my backpack everyday. I thought about getting a few kevlar jeans to wear to uni with the jacket but they look really ugly for my taste.

    Btw, I'll be living in Brisbane for a year, so hot weather is an issue.

    Any thoughts on this?
  2. 1 pc imo is for track use, they are a pain.....if you want leathers get a 2 piece min. for road riding use, imo commuting in leathers is over kill, but each to their own, the longer i ride the more i understand about the risks of each trip and dress according, sometimes i will head out with just a helmet and gloves 8-[ imo for commuting get a texitle jacket, back protector and k jeans/textile pants for winter.....

    good luck
  3. Go 2-piece.

    1-piece is, IMHO, not very prractical for everyday road use and, frankly, wearing 1-pice leathers commuting on a 125 will make you look a bit of a dill. Also IMHO of course :wink:.

    And wot Stewy said about textiles for commuting.
  4. Could also work the other way, and tempt you to not wear it at all.
    You may need leather for proper rides, In your climate I would definitely have a textile or kevlar option.
  5. If you've got $1200.00 US to spend on gear then that's great! But I would reccomend using it to get a variety of gear, Wet weather overpants, vented jacket, leather jacket, kevlar jeans, A couple of pairs of gloves, for different conditions. If you want to do a track day just hire the gear for your first time. Good quality CE approved textile jackets don't cost the earth. Also look @ Hornee kevlar jeans, not quite as good as draggins but I reckon they look better. Good luck.
  6. 1 piece for commuting... ouch. I'd never, ever do it personally. With summer coming on you'll be dehydrated and drenched if you have to go through slow traffic.

    For commuting I'd suggest kevlar reinforced jeans (eg. draggins) with CE armour inserts for knees. And a jacket (not too loose) with good armour in the right places. If you go for leather, make sure its perforated or you will cook in traffic. Most of the time I wear a mesh textile jacket for commuting, keeps you cool in summer and in the cooler months you can leave the warm and waterproof zip layers in.
  7. A bigger bike maybe?

    As for gear, a good Leather or textile jacket + kevlar jeans with strap on knee pads + gloves + helmet. You're wearing a backpack... you'll want a jacket.

    One piece is way uncomfy and overkill. They are tight fitting and designed for head down, bum up, forward facing riding.
  8. Thanks for your advise guys.

    Seems like I'll go for the Perforated leather jacket + Draggin or Hornee Kevlar Jeans option.

    Still not sure if the A-Stars MX-1 is worth the extra cash.
  9. You will be able to get equally good protection, for your particular circumstances, for a lot less money. I'd expect a $1k jacket to feel quite nice though. OTOH, if you're looking to shell out that sort of wedge, go to Walden Miller or Tiger Angel and get something made to measure.

    I doubt if it's actually possible to slide far enough from a roadgoing 125 to justify super-dooper leathers anyway :D.

    Listen to the guys above. They know about that of which they speak.
  10. I agree PatB, and also wearing leather in Brisbane's summer will be hell on earth.

    I'm also looking at the Alpinestars T-RC-1 Air-Flo Jacket, seems to ok for hot weather.
  11. My onesie is super comfy - completely impractical for commuting though - I wore it a couple times to work because I wanted to break it in before a trackday - I felt like a tool riding in peak hour in it, and getting in and out of one is a skill set on it's own.
  12. If you are considering spending that sort of money on a jacket and looks are a significant factor, getting the an off the shelf jacket tailored will make it look 1000x better unless you're freakish and exactly match A*'s model body.
  13. If you buy a 1piece tracksuit you won't ever wear it again after the second time commuting. They're just not made for commuting.
  14. I decided to go for the Alpinestars RC1 Airflow (textile) for summer and the MX-1 for winter.

    Thanks for your help guys,
  15. So in summer, is it better to wear a leather jacket or a textile jacket?

    I just bought a Rjays Torque Leather Jacket. Was planning to use it for both season. But since reading this thread, I'm concerned I might cook in summer.
  16. In brisbane you almost certainly will, a leather jacket is probably ok for 70-80% of the year here, but those really hot and humid days are almost unbearable in a leather jacket.

    Having said that though, it depends a lot on the type of riding you're doing, you could possibly go all year with a leather jacket if all you were doing was riding in the hills and not sitting in traffic.
  17. Im in Sydney and I just started riding so at the moment its just literally riding around my area and practicing. I think I will just be riding to my girlfriends house, riding to beach or parks to hang out with mates. I doubt I'll ever get out of Sydney metro.

    I think for those really hot and humid days, I just won't ride. I remember doing my pre learners course during the two hottest days in Jan. It was on Australia day if I recall correctly. I died out there and I was just wearing a long sleeve t shirt.
  18. I hate to break it to you but the mx1 is awful in winter, even with thermals underneath. It's a track jacket so it's designed to offer maximum protection and cooling since you sweat like crazy at the track. If it rains it takes on water like crazy. Not to mention the hump gets annoying. I love my mx1 jacket but I only use it when zipped with my leather pants as in when I'm hooning or at the track, but that will probably change in summer.
  19. UDLOSE,

    I agree with you, tried the jacket a few days ago and it offers good cooling and definitely feels solid.

    On the other hand, I think that it will be ok for Brisbane's winter..