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Jacket ideas?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Krollinator, Jun 5, 2012.

  1. Alright, so I just busted up my last jacket .. A textile RST. Was waterproof and stuff... But yeah. It's got a giant tear in the arm and shoulder, so the air and water will get through and annoy me to the max.

    I'm just wondering what sort of jacket would be recommended to me for what I'm after. I have been searching around the forums but haven't as such found a "leather vs textile vs ..." thread.

    I want something that will keep me dry... That's the main thing. Protected and dry. Being in Brissy, the weather is just so unpredictable, I don't really want to fuss about having to carry a liner around - I don't have a rack or anything on the bike). Of course... I would love something stylish :p But that's on the back-burner at the moment.

    Looking to spend around $100 - $200 as I'm currently a uni student and not able to spend as much as I would like to buy great gear. Ummm, yeah. Heat isn't so much of an issue for me in summer, and the priority is waterproof.

    Any ideas on what would suit me best?

  2. I've been using a Dri Rider Alpine for the last year through rain, hail & shine here in Melbourne so all weather testing has been done. Pretty decent jacket and you should be able to get it around $250 (or less) these days.

    Best Of luck.
  3. I've been wearing a Tourmaster Epic for the last 6 weeks or so. $200 from the US (RidersDiscount I think).

    I've ridden in some fairly heavy rain for up to 1 hr and it hasn't leaked yet, although it does have a lot of zips, vents and pockets so it might start to seep if subjected to longer stints. The hood that stops rain going down your neck is a nice touch.

    It might be a bit hot for Brisbane. Here in Perth, I've only just put the thermal liner in for the winter. It's not too bad with it out, however, and experimenting with the ventilation would help.

    I've got a couple of minor gripes with the fastenings. The velcro collar closure needs to be fastened carefully or it can expose the rough side of the velcro which will then chafe when doing headchecks, and the cuff zips are awkward to do up when wearing gloves. They'd be OK if my gloves went outside the cuffs.

    If you care about such things, the hi-vis version is retina-searingly bright.

    Overall, a good jacket for the price. It knocks seven bells out of my previous DriRider Rallycross Evo in most respects and has cost me ~half as much.
  4. get this one

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  5. I have a cortech FXS 2.
    removable liner (it's pretty warm without, but for current sub-10 weather i have it in and it's fine) i'm in brizzy too
    vents on shoulders and upper arms, exhaust across back of shoulders and sorta kidney height-ish on both sides.
    lots of reflective piping plus huge stripes running down the front, down the rear and circling the arms (i made it sound shit but it looks great IMO)
    has foam back plate plus shoulder and elbow armours (CE rated) and i can assure you it protects you while you impersonate a ragdoll tumbling down the blacktop in ways you wish you weren't
  6. Here's a little pointer - If you buy an item with CE armour, it should have a little booklet attached to it listing the tests it's been subjected to. And if it doesn't have this little booklet, it's probably fake CE armour.

    The armour in our suits costs more than some suits.
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  7. Thanks man, they look good.
    That sounds pretty good mate, my old jacket had the same problem with the velcro around the neck and my gloves go outside the jacket. Don't plan to really be riding in heavy rain for more than 45 minutes anyway.
    I think that's perfect.... Not sure I could afford it though :(
    What's it like in rain?
    Thanks buddy. Appreciate it. If I could afford full leathers, I would... But being a uni student money doesn't like to come my way. :(
  8. Came across this website from a link here on NR.

    Jackets look good IMO.
  9. haven't ridden in torrential rain, but the fair solid watering we've been getting this last week it's been fine
  10. Mick taking the Mick
  11. Perish the thought ha ha ha
  12. Dont buy anything dririder especially their cheap stuff, i bought a $200 jacket from them when i started riding, hunk of junk, my perf race suit is more waterproof then it.

    At the moment im riding in a 10 year old teknic cordura jacket that i got off my dad and its about 500 times better at everything, even though its 10 years old. Ridden though massive downpours in it and its been fine.

    So yea whatever you buy make sure its not cheap dri rider.
  13. I was in the same situation, looking for a jacket to replace one that was old and worn (textile/mesh DriRider).

    Ended up getting a textile/leather Ixon jacket. Very very happy with it, fits me perfectly, good in both hot and cold, waterproof.

    So it's predominantly textile but has leather over the back and shoulders, and around the elbows and along forearms - the main contact points.

    Good compromise.
  14. Do you know what the name of it is? I'm looking at this:


    I like the look of it and stuff, seems waterproof enough, within my price range and I haven't heard a bad word about Ixon yet. Also - anyone know a good sizing for jackets?

    A "M" shirt is a very snug fit, with right arm length and stuff, but some large T shirts hang a bit better on the frame of me... So would I want a medium jacket due to the snug fit or the large?

    Thanks :)
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  15. Bought me a Ixon Typhon Textile Jacket! Thanks for all the help guys :)

  16. Shipping outside of the USA is not available.
  17. Hmm...that's strange. Most of the other online shops do.

    These are the more popular ones -

    Riders Discount



    Hope this helps.