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Jacket for winter and summer

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Chlowen, Jul 8, 2008.

  1. Hey all,

    Looking at upgrading my dryrider to a leather jacket, I will be commuting most days in the summer, so looking at a leather jacket that will allow airflow. Looking at this one.

    Can anyone suggest others?


  2. Trevnsig,

    Thanks for the reply, nice looking jacket, just one question, how did you go for size, did you send in your measurements? Is it a good fit.


  3. i just gave them my waste, chest, height and weight. From that they worked out my size. However if it didn't fit when it arrived they will allow one exchange and they would pay the postage.

    hope this helps, if you are anywhere near Albury, you can arrange to have a look at mine if you are keen.

  4. Joe rocket alter ego 2.0 jacket.

    Textile with zippable panels. Warm in winter and transform to a mesh jacket in summer.

    It performs well on the rain too id it isn't very heavy tho.

    Usually on special at action mc.

  5. :shock: Now there's an unusual skill :LOL: .
  6. For a good textile summer jacket you can get some fantastic all weather jackets where the liners come out and leave u with a good mesh jacket. Then come winter u also have a warm, WP jacket too.
    I've been researching these for a while. Probably best know one is the DriRider Climate Control. Then there is the Icon Seismic, A* T Magnum, RST Ventilator, and I think Dainese have one too. The T Magnum is the only one that is normally more then $300, but I know BikeBiz have them on sale recently.