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Jacket for a BIG man ! ! !

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Mustang_Dave, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. OK, I am a fairly big guy. I generally wear 4xl shirts. Have just got into riding and am finding it terribly hard to get a jaket to fit me comfortably.

    I tried on a 6xl dri rider nordic jacket and the damn thing wouldnt fit ! !
    Plus, it didnt feel very nice anyway
    Question is, is there anywhere i can get either a leather or an all weather jacket to fit big guys ? Who has the best range of jackets in sydney?

    Help Help Help
  2. Yeah hi :roll:
  3. Well, leathers at least, you can always get them made to measure - talk to guys like Tiger Angel or Gimoto... but it won't be cheap.
  4. Ebay. I have a 5xl Cordura jacket hanging on my chair as I type this. Just email the sellers for chest and waist sizes, I have found people selling garments on Ebay are usually very helpful and honest, it's a job for them.
    I also bought Michelin Man wet weather gear off Ebay too!

    Regards, Andrew.
  5. Dririder make an 8XL in the Freeway style jacket, which is great for winter, but is a little loose after I removed the belt and the quilted liner.

    I also wear a 4XL Dririder Drimesh, which is a little tight but is really comfortable without the quilted and waterproof liners.
  6. try loosing weight....
    serioulsy there is a certain set of leathers i want and i aint getting them til i loose about 10 to 15 kg.... they just dont make the ones i want in fat barstard size :(
    and nice to meet you too mustang. welocme to netrider... the welcome thread is not here!
  7. Try saying that to his face, oh brave net warrior.

    Regards, Andrew.
  8. If you want custom gear without paying the sort of $ that Tiger Angel charge then try Walden Miller in Adelaide or Mars Leathers in Melbourne.

    Both do basic custom fitted leather jackets and pants for lots less $ than you might expect.
  9. hey from one fat barstard to another, i wish i could just walk in to a shop and buy what i want... if only.
  10. Ah O.K, I missed that! LOL!
    I know what you mean, damy stupid skinny people ! :LOL:

    Regards, Andrew.
  11. Its hard mate and if you have big feet too its harder. :wink:
  12. M2R make pretty big leather jackets with armour. i think they go up to a 6XL which is huge, i weigh 110kg/6"3' and i only needed a 3XL.

    I recently crashed tested it at 60-70km/h it did a great job and i recieved no injurys apart from minor bruises. The best bit was with some black boot polish all the scuff marks went and it looks new again (black is good cause it doesnt show wear/damage as much) :LOL:

    Basically what im saying is it is good value for money and it will save your hide. also if you find a leather jacket doesnt fit remove the inner shell (winter lining) and try it on again, i find even in hobart i dont use the winter lining, i just close all the vents and im toasty warm.

    Cost me $439 and i think rrp is $469.

    If you want something custom made look up jackson racing, they do large sizes off the shelf or make made to order. They are a good aussie company and their gear is used in racing around the world (there prices are great too) :wink: www.jacksonracing.com.au
  13. Hi there,

    I cant really add to this conversation as a consumer because I'm not a XL guy.

    BUT what I can say is that after starting my own jacket business, a few months back, I can get any size jacket from 8XL - 14XL and beyond if you really need it.

    Currently only textile jackets , weatherproof and summer styles.

    Shoot me an e-mail if your interested.
  14. Hi im a big guy i purchased a 8xl dririder aspen which is not bad once you remove the winter liner i also have the 6xl nordic 4 but thats way to hot for summer even with the liner removed.

    Anyone recomend a not to expensive quality size 12 - 13 black boot brand?
  15. Yeah me too. A wide 12 will do me :oops:
  16. I wear 4xl tops I'm 6'3" in the old and weigh 130kg, I bought a 2xl Joe Rocket Mercury Jacket was tight but has stretched to fit nicely, try them. For boots I have Thomes Cook tourers, very comfy.
  17. try some of the ishift brands, they make 4XL+ i'm currently in a 4xl, they make really comfy leathers for bigger men, don't know about stomic sizes though lol.

    i take it back mines more like a 2-3xL just checked i bought it from a uk website, i think there sizes are a little smaller.
  18. http://www.blackroseleathers.com.au/

    These dudes have some good gear at reasonable prices. Their size chart goes up to 9XL.

    I got my stuff from them but went to the outlet personally (its in Port Melbourne)

    Got leather jeans, jacket (both with armour), glove, belt and buckle for under $600