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jacket fit

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by adnan12, Feb 3, 2006.

  1. i did the same thing as you mate (ebay leather jacket purchase) and learnt that buying a bike jacket from online that is approx. your size is a hit and miss affair (miss for me, next time i'll be heading to a shop.)

    luckily for me i put it back on ebay and made a $150 profit :shock: :shock: :shock: best piece of ebaying i've ever done :grin:

    (sounds like it doesn't quite fit you :? up to you whether it's worth putting up with or not.)
  2. It fits pretty much how it looks in the pic, so the space between the elbow and jacket isn't huge, but it's there. Does the pic look like it fits the guy properly?
  3. I've got the same jacket and I think it's just the cut as the elbow armour sits low for me too. I haven't done it, but I've heard of people adding a few stiches to the bottom of the pocket to push the armour up over the elbow. I find it more comfortable the way it is though, but I'm only getting forearm protection rather than elbow protection.

    I guess a good compromise would be to stitch the pocket, as well as cut/score the armour along the fold so it bends easier. Overall I'm really happy with the jacket (rmgear.com.au) but with anything like this if you don't try before you buy, you may have to make a few mods. At least with this jacket you're able to do it.

  4. I think the jacket looks too small for the bloke in the pic. Remember, when you're on a bike your arms are reaching for the 'bars - so, in a normal standing position, the sleeves are supposed to be a bit long.

    See how it fits sitting on the bike - that's where the jacket is supposed to be most comfortable
  5. I have that jacket too, i dont understand your question. Are you sayin your elbow isnt hard against the armour inside the jacket? its not tight enough on your arm?

    when you have arms by yourside it doesnt really reflect your riding position. The arms are pre bent in the jacket so with your arms straight there will always be a gap at the elbow, bend you arms into a riding position and your elbow gap will dissapear?

    I find that jacket is super comfy.
  6. Yeah what the above to have said. A motorbike jacket is design to be worn on the bike. Consequently the arms are going to be slightly longer 'by your side' off the bike and therefore result in the arm/elbow armour sitting slightly lower the it should. Once your in a riding position however it should return to normal!
  7. While on the subject on jacket size.

    I got a AGV jacket it's fits really well ,tryed it at the shop.
    It has a pull out winter vest ,and fits nice with or with out it in .

    But ...in winter as i have never riden in this jacket or winter at all .
    The question ... when you ride in winter ,with winter vent in and the jacket ,Do you also wear a jumper ???
    My jacket would be abit tight with a jumper on as well.

    I know you can just take the vest out and wear a jumper ,or if not that cold ,T shirt and winter vest in.

    But should or do you take a jumper as well ,when trying on jackets.

  8. on another note tho, you know if your not happy with the fit at RMgear you can get an exchange? drop him a line if you want to organise something :wink: craig@rmgear.com.au
  9. I think it can be hard to get a summer and winter jacket in one. I've only got one jacket so I bought it big enough that I can fit two jumpers under it in winter (I feel the cold). If it's raining I put wets over the top (these live in the tail of my bike) and I'm snug as a bug in a rug. The trade of is come summer the jackets a bit on the big side and if I was to go for a slide in it at the moment I reckon I might lose a bit of skin.

    Come next summer I'll buy a smaller summer jacket and then I'll be sorted, but for now its an ok compromise :)
  10. How much room should be betewwen your elbow and the jacket when you relax your hands by your side?