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jacket brands and styles

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by alexjkoro, Oct 2, 2012.

  1. has anyone else noticed the massive differences in styles between different brands?

    i've been shopping around for a leather jacket lately and have tried just about everything. it seems either the chest is too tight, elbows are loose, something digs into the back or in the armpits. some jackets are too stiff and keep you hunched forward even if you dont want to. seems dainese is the only brand that fits well. the only issue i had with it is that it wasnt very perforated for summer. am i being picky? do i need to just suck it up? whats your brand type with jackets? what cut fits you best?

    edit: the other issue is that its the most expensive... which sucks
  2. leather jackets will stretch and mould to your body shape over time. It seems like maybe you are being a little picky. Most things you buy "off the shelf" are not going to be a perfect fit.

    Why not go with the most comfortable and the one that is closest to what you want?

    Also just because you are looking at a leather jacket doesn't mean you have to buy a sports/race jacket. Most manufacturers will have a "touring" range, these will usually be a little longer, slightly looser fitting and generally more comfortable.

    Keep in mind that a leather motorcycle jacket is supposed to fit quite snug. After all it is more about protection and less about comfort (within reason - doesn't mean you should buy one that you can not breath in)

    Hope this helps.
  3. Well, depending where you live, you dont exactly want perforated for winter. So get a nice inexpensive mesh jacket for summer and the Dianese for Autumn, Winter and Spring.

    I recommend you look at RS Taichi or maybe get a made to measure.
  4. Yeah I've noticed the same issue as you mate, there are only a few brands that don't make you look like a clown or a billboard and of those half of them are obviously designed for people with massive guts.

    Dainese is one of the good ones, but yeah a lot of their more casual jackets don't have perforation.

    Other european brands like Furygan and rev'it are probably good too, but harder to find in aus.
  5. If you're having trouble with fit why not go and get a custom fitted suit (or at least jacket) from someone like Tiger Angel?
  6. I have issues with fitting in pretty much any sort of clothing. The moto jacket I bought was the only one in AMX that fit properly. Asides from having a fair bit of fat, I've also got a whole heap of muscle which makes fitting my arms and legs is tricky. Just gotta go with what fits you best, even if that's not fantastic.
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  7. So I ended up biting the bullet and put some monies together for the dainese. Figured if I was going to hold on to it I may as well be comfortable. You can get them on ebay from italy for $550 delivered, but since I dont really like to wait and buying from a shop just seems safer I ended up getting the local honda dealer to order one in for me. The bloke was even nice enough to being the price close to $600 from $699.
    Cheers for all the input guys, I did check out quite a bit of the stuff in regards to what has been posted. Will let you know how I fit into it haha
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  8. Sweet mate, what jacket did you end up buying?

    Dainese might be expensive, but the quality is second to none. Sounds like you got a pretty good price!
  9. Wasn't aware places like Tunisia, Bosnia, Pakistan and the Ukraine were now considered the world leaders in manufacturing excellence.
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  10. Why not buy a custom made, quality Aussie leather jacket? Keep locals employed.
  11. Ok sorry, let me qualify that. The quality is second to none*

    *compared to products offered by other high volume mass produced manufacturers of motorcycle gear, based on my experience.
  12. For the prices they charge it'd want to be.

    I'm with McSenna though in that it's well worth checking out the price for custom made gear locally. Might cost a little more, but likely to be a better long term solution than something made where the closest thing anyone's seen to a motorcycle - is a goat. :p

    (Of course I'm quite content with the quality of my Pakistani leathers, but then they did cost me less than a Dainese branded sock).
  13. http://stores.sportbiketrackgear.com/Detail.bok?no=7598

    this is the one i bought in red and white... didnt want black leathers especially during summer, and i seem to be attracted to these colour schemes for some reason.....