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Jacket Armour

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by BMWRX, Nov 26, 2015.

  1. I've currently got an Alpinestars Jaws perforated leather jacket that fits me snugly (with liner out, very snugly with it in) and everything seems to sit where it should in terms of armour on the elbows and shoulders. However, as I'm slim in build, to get everything to be where it should be and fit my torso, the sleeves are marginally too short (although they go far enough into my gauntlets to not be a concern of exposing skin) and the length of the jacket doesn't seem to go far enough down towards my belt line. It sits about a cm above my beltline at my navel (prompting calls from my brother that I'm wearing a crop top).

    I know that motorbike jackets sit a little higher than a fashion type leather jacket but I'm curious how far down it should go. I'm concerned that should I come off, there isn't much of an overlap over my jeans to protect my hips. I've tried on the next size up (50) and found that it comes down far enough over my hips to rectify that problem, but it opens up another worry. The arms are a little bit looser, which presents the possibility of my elbows moving to the side of the armour should I have an off.

    Following my verbose explanation above, my question is does anyone have any recommendations for armour that will protect against my elbows not being protected in a fall? I'm guessing I'm not the only slightly built person on here who has encountered this problem. Essentially I want my elbow to sit in the armour (similar to a few Dainese jackets I've tried - sadly the rest of the jacket doesn't fit me in any size and very few come with decent amounts of white on them which I like for visibility reasons), rather than the armour sit on top of my elbow.
  2. You could look at an armoured shirt, Knox & Forcefield are two good ones that come to mind, then remove the armour from the jacket entirely... The armoured shirts will keep the armour where it needs to be regardless of what's worn over it. Your jacket is then essentially just a shell for abrasion & weather protection.
  3. Good suggestion. However, it's easier/quicker to just have everything contained in the one garment.
  4. Are the bits of armour interchangeable between jacket brands? I'm wearing my textile jacket today due to heat, and took the time this morning to do up all the little adjusters on the arms etc. Made it heaps tighter and the armour feels a lot better. Still not like the Ricondi jacket though......but chalk and cheese.
  5. I have several jackets, with varying degrees of fit/snugness for the armour. I've taken one of those foam mats from K-Mart that's used for yoga and costs about a tenner. They do them in various thickness and density. Use your current armour as a template and cut the foam a centimetre or so over size, cut it to the same shape so it gives the same way with joint movement. Glue to existing armour.
    If you're worried about perspiration, take a large drill bit and drill fancy holes to allow it to breath. I also use it to improve the standard back protectors and cut oversize for that but the same shape basically.
    Not for everybody but if you take your time and do it right first time you'll feel snug and comfortable and wont need to keep re positioning the armour.
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  6. That's very true, but unless you go custom gear, there will always be a trade off of the armour being in the right places, comfort and fit.
  7. Wouldn't know, I've never tried to swap out armour. The armoured shirts have the armour fixed in place, I believe some of them can be removed for washing etc.
  8. Its a sweet looking jacket though!
  9. Sure is......it's super trendy like you see on the cat walk these days.

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  10. Ha ha, very funny. That's very similar, except my merkin is black.