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Jacket and pants for commuting

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by BodenM, Mar 30, 2016.

  1. Hi all,

    Picking up a bike this weekend, so I need to start looking at getting some gear before I consider tootling around on it. At the moment I'm mostly looking for a decent jacket and pants set for commuting to and from uni and work, but I don't really know where to start. Don't want to bore people with useless waffle so I'm gonna cut right to the chase and list what I'm looking for:
    • Must be able to wear over regular clothes
    • Not too fussed on material
    • CE-rated armour is a must (OK with replacing back protectors however)
    • Should be suitable for at least 3 seasons, already have lighter mesh stuff for the peak of summer.
    • Some degree of waterproofing would be nice for protection from light showers (will be getting a rainsuit for if I get caught in a torrential downpour).
    • Suitable for standard/upright riding position.
    • Being able to zip the two together would be preferred.
    • Prefer to spend up to around $350-400 but will stretch to $500 or so if it's a good deal or otherwise really good gear.
    • Being able to get it locally in Brisvegas would be a plus.
    I think that just about covers it, any and all suggestions would be greatly appreciated (y)

  2. Check out DriRider gear or RST ventilator.
    If you wear jeans to uni/work also look at kevlar jeans.
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  3. Awesome will start looking at those. I do wear jeans to uni occasionally but not to work, work would have a fit if I was wearing anything but trousers, else I probably would go for kevlar/aramid jeans.
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  4. turning up to work in sweaty crumpled trousers is never a good look :)
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  5. Carry clothes in backpack. Roll your pants up rather than fold, and a crumpled shirt? After 5 minutes my shirt has decrumpled from body heat. You could also buy wrinkle free non iron shirts. Shoes at work. Job done.
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  6. In Sydney I use two sets of textile gear. Mesh for summer and waterproof for the other seasons. I wear the mesh pants all year if it isn't raining when I leave home. It is a little bit easier for me as I have an office to leave stuff in. As you're in Brisbane I would have thought that mesh gear would be fine all year with maybe a windbreaker on top / jumper underneath during winter. This wouldn't need to be a motorcycle specific top. You guys don't get all that much rain in winter if I remember correctly. Decide on the type of stuff you want then find something that fits.

    From what I remember it was cheaper to get season specific jackets than to try to get one jacket that could do it all. The mesh does have a wiaterproof liner that lives under my seat incase I get too cold.
  7. Maybe look at a waterproof tail seat bag? It clips on and off pillion seat, is waterproof and most can expand to hold a helmet :).
  8. Id second the RST Ventilator gear. For our climate its ideal if you only have one set of gear.
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  9. I'm in Brisbane too and am starting to put together my kit for colder months.

    I work in a corporate office that has a shower/change room in the building with lockers. I'll take pants to work Monday, leave them at work hanging up in a locker during the week. I wear riding jeans in summer and textile waterproof pants in rain and winter. I'll just wear my shirt under my jacket, it's fine and I'm pretty fussy. Though if it rains my stomach gets wet sometimes.

    I've got a 4 seasons dririder jacket. Rain and thermal liners etc. All liners out in summer, rain and thermal in winter. Works well, though I do wear a leather jacket in the in between months now as it's less bulky.

    Unfortunately today I tried looking for RST ventilator pants at all the different stores in Springwood and came up with nothing. Plenty of dririder stock.

    I bought cheap eBay $60 textile pants last year which were good but fell apart by the end of winter. I highly recommend wind proof pants in the cold. Froze my bum off in jeans.

    You should be able to get a pretty good jacket with liners for $200.

    And again for $200 you will get half decent pants.

    At a pinch you can go cheaper, but it won't last.
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  10. Rst ventilator 4 is an all season setup.
    I do find it a bit of a hassle getting in and out of it compared to Kevlar and a leather jacket. But it's only got to rain once to see why all the layers are there.
    I'm also not the only one who feels the ventilator 4 half chokes you with its tight fit around the neck.

    Either way, I suggest a full waterproof one piece over the top if you commute in the rain. The waterproof layer in jackets is not on the outside so the outer layer of the ventilator will get soaked.
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  11. I have the ventilator 3 and have the same problem, but just thought it was me buying the wrong size. Lol
  12. My Dririder jacket does the same thing too. I always thought I had a fat neck.
  13. It's not just the tight fit. It's also that damn hard plastic Velcro tab thing.
  14. Roadcrafter is best solution. Just so easy, and in all weather.

    They have clearance sales every now and then, and some serious discounts will get this into you budget.
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  15. Speaking of the one-piece suit, a work colleague of mine who has started riding to work recommended an Olympia Odyssey to me, he wears one and recommends it highly. Seems fairly reasonably priced although well and truly at the upper end of the budget. I'll have to keep an eye out for Roadcrafters on clearance then as well.