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jack russell on a bonnie?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by mattblak, Feb 23, 2009.

  1. hey there all. we,re planning a trip around oz and are taking our jack russell with us. i'll b riding a speedmaster with trailer while the misses will b on a bonneville. we're keen to put the little tacker on the bonnie somehow. anyone got any ideas? at the moment we put him in a backpack and wear him on our front. just think he will need something more secure and roomy for the long trips. just cant seem to find anything out there.any help much appreciated :)

  2. Velcro his feet to the tank? :grin:
  3. Don't put it on the wife's bike. The situation will just invite the question:

    How long has the dog been riding?

    It can only end badly from there :LOL:
  4. theres a new law, no dogs on bikes

    something Tex and Bundy have been fighting, was on another post but cant find it
  5. Duct tape imo.
  6. pets belong at home, not on moving vehicles
  7. this.
  8. There was a site in the US that sold specific cages for biker dogs. But the company went belly up. I have seen quite a few Biker dogs on the road and do take mine out myself.

    My biggest concern is the safety of the pooch. Google road-hound. I want to custom make something similar as it could double as a top box.

    I believe the law requires the dog to travel on the back of a bike not the tank. So you should be ok if you went with a similar option.

    I hope the family has a great road trip.
  9. I personally wouldn't do this because of camping, national parrks you may want to ride part way into, hotels, staying at pubs ect. All this would become too much of a head ache, you will find yourself planning stops a few days ahead to accomodate for the dog, and you'd proabably have to stop in the rain and to let it shit drink and eat.
    Then there is the animal itself to think of, has it ever been on a bike for long periods of time? and how will it cope with being stuck in a little box on the back of a bike for 6-10 hours a day?

    But then again it would be good if i could shove my dog in a cage on the back of the bike. :cool:
  10. Do you think i would be able to find a cage big enough to fit my german shepherd and fit it onto the back of the bike?
  11. Jack Russell's are hyperactive dogs...just strap a leash on it and let it run at it's heart content.

    phong =P~
  12. I don't think it's actually legal, but I can understand you wanting to do it anyway, being a dog tragic myself.

    Realistically it would probably be a DIY job:
    (1) Buy a saddle bag then cut some holes into it; or
    (2) Buy a solid top box then cut some holes into the top half. If you do the job carefully it would still look decent, and if your inclined you could fairly easily insert a smallish clear panel so that your dog can see what's going on.

    With either one of the above you could make it hard for anyone to even tell that your carrying a dog :cool:

    Actually, this thread reminds me of a time when a mate and I were riding home late at night, during a huge thunderstorm, and we found a Pomeranian that was playing silly buggers near a major road. He must of been spooked by the storm.

    After trying to find the owners we decided that we needed to do something, otherwise he was going to get hit by a car.

    I wanted to tie him up behind the local vet, but old mate was having nothing of that plan ... then the thought occurred to me - what if I put him in my backpack ?! I was hugely surprised when he happily slotted into the bag and we rode 30 k's without incident - I think the little mite just went to sleep as he didn't move around much. When we arrived there was no mess in my backpack and he was happier than I'd ever seen him !!

    The next day the vet found the owners and they had a good laugh about "Tiger's" cross town adventure :LOL:

    My dogs were pretty confused though. They'd never encountered a backpack that smelt like a dog before !!
  13. A while ago I used to always see a guy on a Harley and he had a Jack Russell with him all the time, the dog just sat on the tank with no leash or anything, just sat there, the dog had damn good stability and balance, that little Jack had the time of his life.

    But now its illegal to take dogs on bikes i believe.

  14. Buy a Ural with Sidecar !
  15. If you were doing it regularly on shorter trips I'd get one of those chest harnesses for the dog and make a similar one for myself, then strap the dog to my chest with a short lead. I'd then put something on the tank so the dog could get a good grip.

    For round Australia I'd go the top box as the dog couldn't stand on the tank all that time.

    As to it's illegality, well I'd risk it.

    Particularly the top box option.
  16. How about one of those airline carrier things and fix it to a ventura rack. Have it so that you can unclip it at night so the dog can sleep in it. But then again you are thinking of towing a trailer, it may be easier to fix to the trailer. More stable for the dog to stand in if it wants and you could get a bigger size one so it can move a bit more.

    Come to think of it i dont know how much sleeping the dog would do at night, being cooped up in a box all day it probably would want to sprint around all night. Maybe if it was a bulldog or something it might be more suitable.

    If it was really smart you could give it some crossword puzzles or a portable DVD player :LOL: . Maybe one of those things that shoots tennis balls and mount it in the cage. I think the cage is starting to get a bit big now though. :p
  17. thanx for the responses guys. to be honest we're taking about 5 months to do the trip. so we're not going to be on the bike for any great deal of time (taking breaks every 1-2 hours ).

    we also have found a great camping with dogs book that is fantastic! every place we're going to caters for the pooch to travel with us. he luvs the bike and im well aware of tex n bundy and the new laws making life difficult for them. there's an online petition i've singed for them and suggest to anyone who cares to do the same.

    im also aware of that u.s company with the dog cage, but what the hell happened to them?

    anyway, again thanx for your comments.

    and as for u hornet, you may think your pet belongs at home, but dogs need adventure and new experiences,not a boring life holed up in a backyard. thats what goldfish are for.
  18. And then there is always this.... :wink:
    I'm sure it would also suit a Jack Russell or other small dog...