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Jack Findlay memorial ride

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by countrycruiser V6, Aug 5, 2006.

  1. G'day all, Just wanted to share an awsome experience I had last saturday.
    I left from numurkah with the rest of our riding group that were attending (about 30 of us) and headed to the victoria park lake in shepp.
    when we got there there were bikes of every type imaginable. after everyone arived we started out in a big procession (roughly 400 riders) to mooroopna where the statue of Jack findlay was to be unveiled.
    Full police escort and road blocks for us to get there as one group.
    I tell you what to ride in such a big group is totally awesome.
    there were a lot of older bikes including a few of Jack's older machines.
    There were the old nortons, BSA's, even a few indians.
    For those who dont know, Jack findlay was a great moto gp rider back in the 70's and 80's. won many world titles such as the isle of man gp etc.
    cant remeber his real first name but he became Jack after useing his father's name so he was old enough to register to race.
    He had no pit crew and no sponsor, he built his own bikes and repaired them. one time he actually borrowed a pair of pistons from suzuki on the condition he gave them back after the race.
    A very inspireing bloke.
    Of corse back then moto gp wasnt as big in australia as it is now, so unless you bought the euro bike mags you wouldnt know who he was.
    he was born in mooroopna and his brother and sister are still in australia.
    the statue is in the street at the end of the one he was born in.
    he now lives in france and suffers enfesemia type problems due to the racing fuels they used back then.
    will post pics when I get them back.