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Jacarandas are blooming......AVOID the flowers !

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by bennjamin, Nov 29, 2010.

  1. hey everyone....perhaps common sense but i just had a balls-in-the-mouth moment - went past a jacaranda tree and rode into its shadow , layered with its fallen flowers. Briefly lost the front tyre as i had a very slight lean ( S bend ) but somehow managed to pull through with instant throttle.

    Slippery and dangerous and you dont think twice about it !

    Please take care out there and avoid the purple layering of flowers of DEATH :)
  2. Heh - I'll never leave my street again!!! Bloody bastage trees with thie flowers and the petal dropping. Carpet of purple which becomes a sludgy brown.


    Fun Ha!
  3. just rake it up :) and shoot a letter through to council if they're on council land, and tell them the dangers!
  4. One of the many reasons we should be allowed to fit flamethrowers.
  5. something similar put me down once
    someone had trimmed a hedge and green waste all over the road, bike just dissapeared out from under me.
    so it was a good tip and something for all to watch out for; with lots of folk out on the weekends lately mowing and gardenning, blowing their clippings onto the road because they're too lazy to sweep
  6. similar problem down Orbost way, have to be very careful riding the hills with the shadows from the overhanging trees hiding the damp leafage on the roads, has managed to trap both bikes and cars. Have to be twice as careful when riding our chook chasers up to our fav playground.
  7. The shadows will hold not just wet foliage that is slippery, in winter it can also conceal ice long after the sun has melted away any frost