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J-Walking Pedestrian - Dropped bike.

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Set, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. Traveling down High St Armadale today around 3pm. It's rather busy, cars both in front and behind me. I'm doing about 25-30km/h, traffic moving at a steady pace. All of a sudden a chick walks out from behind parked cars straight into my path, not wanting to hit her I swerve and hit the tram tracks in the process. There was little I could do - front slid out underneath and both the bike and myself hit the deck and slid for a few meters.

    Leg hurts like all hell from being pinned under the bike, bit of a sore back too, but no broken bones or anything. Full Dainese racing suit saved my a$$.

    The bike itself has scratchings to the left side fairing, front indicator snapped off, clutch lever bent. Taking it in for an assessment on weds - hopefully most of the damage can be fixed easily.

    The chick who caused it didn't even stop walking, just buggered off. Thanks to the nice gentlemen in the car behind who got out and helped lift the bike off me and get me back on my feet.

    Things learnt; Always wear your gear, it does work, it will save your skin. Also, even when traveling at low speeds and doing everything right things can go bad, stay ever vigilant.

  2. as expected, assholes
  3. i'd put a notice up and report to the police.
  4. canvas for security cameras at the shops.
  5. Just hit the ******** next time - she can't run away if her legs are broken...
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  7. That video shows how ****ed up society has become. Oh, let's all stare at it, but no one help anyone, whatever you do!

    Regards, Andrew.
  8. Should accelerate and try to cut her in half.
  9. gouranga!
  10. Weren't you folks sooking up recently about the coppers wasting their time booking J-walkers in the city? :)
  11. Cruising home from milking just after sunset in winter, 50KPH no street lights really wide bitumen country street no other traffic within cooee. Next thing I know I feel a bang, handle bars hard left something pink flying through the air bike starts to barrell forward I do the reverse pike with 2 1/2 twists and the bike completes two full forward rolls. I get up with no damage turn off bike and see unconscious lady sprawled across road. Shredded her left calf and concussion. No damage to me (ATGATT). $8500 damage fortunately I hit her and rendered her immovable so cops got her details and RACV sued her for the money. First thing she said when she came, round cos I was the only first aid person on scene, I am sorry I don't know what I was thinking!!!!!! Just be CAREFUL!!!
  12. I was happy when I saw that biatch go down in the video, but sad again when I saw her get back up and walk off :(