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Izumi chains - Are they any good?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Cheeba, Apr 20, 2009.

  1. or any suppliers in Melbourne if they are OK?

    Thanks in advance.

  2. if your unable to find them or hear much about them, i think they would cost more than whats currently available.

    just go with what you can get.

    unless its some uber super chain that will make you faster on the track, its not worth it on the road
  3. Basically what is happening is that I need to order some parts from the UK for my bike, the same place have Izumi chains as well so I'm not sure whether to just get them to put it in with the parts. Can you recommend an aussie chain seller or brand? I need an O ring 525, 114 piece continuous chain. You can tell I have never changed a chain before ;)
  4. buy D.I.D chains. o ring.
    anything else is a waste of money. All cheap chains stretch or break very easily. Never heard of the chain u talkin about. rough guide is around 200 bucks for a chain give or take a few bucks.

    Chains and sprockets should be done together, they like to wear in together, creating a "matched set".
  5. Cheers - that is about the price I have been quoted here. It's the sprockets that I am having to get ordered from the UK :)

    The UK price is only about 56 quid for the Izumi Heavy Duty O ring, and the original chain is only 62 quid.
  6. Thanks Loz - I found that site yesterday when I was trying to work out the difference between X and O ringed chains. Bloody confusing site though! Hella fugly! I have emailed them for a quote though, cheers.
  7. ing the chain gang if you are lookin for sprockets mate. If they aint got it they will make it.
  8. I just got a set from them. Quality gear but not cheap.
  9. Just to back up Loz here. The RK XSO is my personal chain of choice. Most anything else is a waste of money IMO. DID are okay, but I find that they "wear/stretch" fairly quickly. With the RK chains, I put them on, adjust them once after 500kms, and then don't need to adjust again until the sprockets wear out. All I do is oil the chain every 500kms, and clean it every 2000kms.
  10. Used both XW and XSO. XSO outlasts the sprockets, as does XW, and you have to replace the chain with the sprockets, so therefore it's a moot point as to which is "better".

    XSO's are also lighter, so less rotational mass. It's a minor point, but hey, if the XSO's are cheaper, lighter, and outlast the sprockets, then it's a no brainer. XW's are purely a marketing product aimed at those who think that more $$ MUST be better. It may be better in some technical way, but at the end of day it's just wasted money.
  11. Do you have contact details please BuellN? It's a 41 tooth rear sprocket but I imagine I would need to give them the exiting one to make a template from? I can't really do that as I need the bike on the road. Thanks :)
  12. Sorry guys, another n00b question - what difference would having one less tooth on the front sprocket make to the handling of the bike?
  13. absolutely no difference at all to the handling mate.

    It will however accelerate a little quicker and lose some top end but 1 tooth is hardly worth talkin about. drop at least 2 on the front or head up 4 on the back, spose i should check wot ya ride but i have cbf today.

  14. Excellent, thanks for the link mate. When I said handling I actually meant how you answered but couldn't think of how to phrase it. They offer a 15 and 14 tooth for the front so wasn't sure how that would impact. Hmmm, I might go for a 14 at the front then as I'm not bothered about anything over 110 really but do like to get up to speed fast.