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Ixon textile Jackets - owners opinions

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by V4bloke, Sep 8, 2007.

  1. Hi,

    wanted some opinions of owners of Ixon textile jackets. Especially:

    Diablo Racing or Paddock

    Many thanks :)
  2. I've got the Hacker; very comfy, pretty decent summer jacket, armour in all the right places and -lots- of air flow, usable pockets, velcro and zips feel like they're quality items...exactly what I want it to be :) It's purely a warm weather jacket though, neither water nor wind proof. 6 months on it still feels like new; no damage to me from a 30-40ish km/h lowside (shoulder armour did its job...and I bought a new rear tyre) with just a few marks and a tiny tear on the jacket. Would buy one again :)
  3. Have a IXON Sismic and cannot fault it one bit. You can wear it in the rain as it has a water proof liner, you can wear it in winter as it has a thermal liner and you can wear it in summer by taking all the other layers out so it becomes well ventilated. The armor is great and has a pouch on the back to take the small dainese back protectors. The best thing is its comfortable and light. I have one and my brother has one and we both really like the comfort and flexibility of the jacket.
  4. A mate of mine has the "magic" and loves it. Its waterproof, removable winter liner and looks the business too. I'm thinking of getting myself one.
  5. I have a carbonic and it's really great! The venting is perfect for summer and the winter lining is really good when the weather turns a bit colder.

    In fact I've been meaning to buy a proper winter jacket but after making it through 2 Melbourne winters with just the carbonic, I'll probably hold off until next winter! :)

    The armour in the jacket is great and does it's job really well - (yes I have crash tested it. :cry:)

    All in all a great jacket and really comfy I'd definitely recommend getting one.

    In fact all of the ixon jackets seem to be quite good. The missus has 2 of their ladies jackets!
  6. The best thing is too they are not as expensive as a dainese or alpinestars textile jackets.

    All of the IXON gear I have

    Sismic Cordura jacket
    Climber Cordura pants
    Iguane Leather pants
    Mystic Leather jacket
  7. Can't vouch for their textile gear, but Mrs Tree has a leather Ixon jacket.

    It's fan-bloody-tastic as is so well made. She was going to buy an M2R jacket, but it was a p.o.s. compared to the Ixon.
  8. I have had loads of Ixon gear- textile jackets, leather jackets and leather pants. Have never had an issue with any of it.

    I intentionally look for Ixon due to the price and the fact that I have always been happy with it.

    It is designed in France (I believe) so the only thing you need watch for is that it is suitable for our climate. I bought the Ixon leather 'Fantastic' jacket (cost me about $700 up here at the time) not realising that the quilted winter liner was removable, but the PLASTIC inner liner wasn't! It is so HOT that I can only wear it for about a month a year here in Queensland.

    Have a good look at it before you buy.
  9. Interesting. That's the same jacket Mrs Tree has.
  10. hey guys- soz for a bit of hijack but anybody out there have a Ixon PSYCHIC or SUCCESS textile jacket??
  11. Thanks for those replies guys :)

    I listed those particular ones as I'm in Qld and looking for a summer or all-year-round jacket and having a hard time deciding!!!
  12. nightgash wrote

    Curious?? - Ive been looking around and cant seem to find any back protectors that fit the Sismic. Which Dainese Back Protector fits this jacket? Any idea if the same back protector fits the other Ixon stock? You didnt put a ladies protector in a mens jacket?? (chuckles) :wink:

    Did the Dainese G2 fit?
  13. The Dainese G1 only just fits in pouch where the foam one is originally fitted.

  14. Awesome. Thats rockin :twisted:
  15. I believe the CE foam back protectors they put in all the jackets are standard so the G1 should fit all the IXON mens range.
  16. Yeah, I like the Sismic Ixon. Though, too grey (no brights) and no reflectives... what gives?
  17. If your concerned why don't you wear a fluro vest?
  18. Then you loose the benefit of venting and airflow during hot weather. A vest would be a workaround, but the point is not many jackets available in Australia have alternative colours and few incorporate reflectives.

    Ixon is a good company - why the retarded selection? Why not go all the way and implement the ability to provide alternative colours and reflectives into their design model?
  19. I thought the black sismic and gray has reflective pipping?
  20. Sorry for dredging up this old topic but I've been doin' a search here about textile all season jackets and the Ixon seems to get a lot of favourable reviews.

    Only trouble I'm having is finding out who has them in stock in and around Melbourne?

    I live 100km east of Dandenong near Warragul and none of the shops near me have 'em.

    Where can I get one?