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Ixon Pro Apex 2 HP - Review

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Barters81, Jul 28, 2015.

  1. This winter I've had two sets of 'winter gloves' and I'll relate them to each other to give some perspective.

    Also to add perspective I'm a new rider (8 months into my LAMS), commute 36km each way to and from Brisbane cbd very day rain, hail or shine. I live in Brisbane so the winter weather isn't as bad as other places even with the Antarctic vortex.


    Winter gloves No.1: Dririder Adventure 2 Gloves. approx $100

    Dririder Adventure 2 Gloves | Dririder supastore | Bikebiz

    I had these gloves for all of 2 weeks before major stitching issues started to show up. The main 'cuff' that you velcro tight around your wrist is very small in diameter ( I wear XL gloves, have fairly thick wrists but nothing like other guys I've seen) so tightening the glove was difficult. Soon the double stitching on the back of the glove in this area completely failed dropping out it's internals. Also, within 2 weeks of ownership of these gloves they stank like 3 year old dirty gym socks. Seriously, it was rank to the point where my 5 year old son would tell me I stink upon arriving at home.

    They were pretty warm though stretches on the highway at say 5 degrees for any longer than 10 min would have you stretching your fingers looking for feeling in them.

    I got rained on quite heavily with these. They soak up water to the point they're heavy as two bricks, and I'm unsure if my hands were dry at the end of it......maybe? But given how much my hands sweat in there I could never tell.

    Other points to note......these have a visor wipe which is handy but not essential. They are also quite thick on the palm of the hand taking a little while to get used to it.

    Winter gloves No.2: Ixon Pro Apex 2 HP gloves approx $125

    I've had these for around 3 weeks now and they are chalk and cheese compared to the Dririders. These are warmer than the Dririders, don't smell, infact don't make my hands sweat. This is most easily noticed when taking your gloves off and putting them back on again at say a servo. As my hands would sweat in the dririders putting them back on became a chore with the inner linings becoming moist and sticky.

    They're left wanting a little bit warmth area, but I'm starting to think that to have truly warm hands in winter you need heated grips or gloves. They are a bit warmer than the dririders.

    In the rain these are great. They still do soak a bit of water in but not as much as the dririders. My hands, not seating inside, are clearly dry when taking them out after a ride.

    These are a lot thinner and easier to ride with than the dririders.

    The pointer finger on both gloves are touch sensitive meaning I can control an iphone etc without taking my gloves off.

    No visor wipe, but have found wiping with the palm and hand works just as effectively if not more so.

    The wrist band velcro bit is a bit larger but still quite small on my wrists. A negative with thes gloves is the second smaller velcro strap just under your palm, if tightened too much, has a clasp that digs into your wrist when accelerating. I'ts not a big problem, but noticeable enough for me to consciously think of it when putting the gloves on.

    The Ixon glvoes look way cooler than the dririders as well.


    Don't get me wrong I'm a fan of some of the Dririder stuff. I have a $200 jacket which has been perfect for summer and winter riding.

    Also yeah it's not that cold in Brisbane, but I leave from Ipswich at around 5:30 in the morning and the thermometer has been down to 2/3 degrees a fair bit this winter at that time of morning. IT's just that by the time I get to work it's 20 degrees. :)
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