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IXON Leathers, importing?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by sciron, May 20, 2008.

  1. Afternoon all,

    My situation is thus. My g/f is now getting into riding and we want to get her leathers (please, no discussions about the validity of leathers/fabric etc!), and the IXON range looks quite good and fits her well.

    I know many people who buy their gear from the US at considerably cheaper prices, however i've not been able to Google a single US vendor who would be prepared to sell IXON gear, so if anyone knows any companies out there who could, can you PM me or respond to this thread?

    Greatly appreciated

    p.s - Yes I am aware of the whole 'buy local' etc, and generally I do, i'm very loyal to my local supplier for 'everything else' (and that's a lot!). So I don't have any moral concerns about buying it from someone overseas for 50% off when there's no way in this world that my supplier can match the price, and the kit is identical.
  2. I think kneedraggers.com sells Ixon, but the site isn't working for me at the moment so I can't check.
  3. Welcome, feel free to introduce yourself in the welcome lounge.

    You can ebay truly awesome quality 2 piece alpinestars leathers and have them to your door for about $900 AUD. I paid almost that much for my shift 2piece and its for sure not as good!
  4. Ixon have not entered the US market from last I heard.
  5. Thanks for the feedback all, greatly appreciated.

    Sounds like i'll be going down the A* route, great gear and a great price ....

  6. IXON is a french company, lots of Ixon gear available on ebay France.