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Ixon Jackets

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by western wolf, May 10, 2006.

  1. Hi all
    I've just got into bikes and have bought a 1995 suzuki across 250. Looking at buying a jacket but dont know what is good/bad. Mainly going to be riding not far 1hr or less but want a jacket for all condition. Looking at the ixon range of jackets wonder if anyone has any comments expecialy the ixon power jacket. Willing to spend up to $400
    Any comments will be great. Thanks

  2. I have a ladies jacket from them & love it!!!!
    I like their style, and the jacket i have is very practical as well :) warm, Ive only had it a week or so and so cant comment on durability but i like it so far :)
  3. not another one !!! :grin:

    Haggis and I are going around with the same IXON leather jacket !
    Don't tell me your joining the club !

    I bought mine to be different and also the styling is pretty schmick !

    With XMen III coming out, twice someone has come up to me and said it looks Xmen like with the black and X symbols on the chest, shoulders and back ! , and I must say it does ! . . . makes me feel like getting a Harley V-Rod so I can be like Cyclops ! :cool:

    It looks better on me though than Haggis ! :eek:
    Haggis is superhero challenged and wears Superman briefs with his ! :LOL:
  4. oo ooo ooo, i got one too!! only about a month ago at the bike biz sale, so it was only $299, but i love it!! and i think its the cheapest leather jacket i have ever bought...
  5. I have a ladies ixon jacket too. I tried on heaps, they were the only ones that were long enoungh in arm length, as I am tallish for a woman. Great jacket :grin:
  6. So when are we going to the premier of XMen III at Fox Studios ?

    We can all go like the geeks who dress up in Jedi robes at Star Wars premiers ! :LOL: LOL, you know i'm kidding !!!

    . . . . looks like the Bikebiz sale was able to move some stock !
  7. i've got their Sismic jacket (mens obviously:) )

    pretty good jacket.
    check motorcycle-accessories.com.au for a price, most of their prices seem OK.
  8. Ixon...bit of a bite of Icon don't you think??? Sorry but anything that bites another company I generally would not touch on that fact alone. Like people who buy Palsonic TV 's, you must know your buying trash...
  9. Nothing to do with Icon, this is a French brand.

    I reckon they make some of the best looking, best feeling stuff around. Their leathers reek of quality and yet they're very cheap.

    Pity the f*ckers won't make anything even close to my size!
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  11. i wear a textile ixon summer jacket. looks the goods , has protection where i need it. and when it gets cold i just chuck my wets over the top and it keeps all the wind out :)
  12. I've got 2 - the Diablo textile jacket (for those hot Brisbane days when leather is just too unbearable).

    And the Iron Man - which is just plain awesome. Wear it pretty much all the time!

    Good quality, comfortable, nice fit.
  13. Who let you in here? You only bought that jacket cos you wanted to look like your boyfriend! :p


    I’ve got the Ixon Power Jacket and whilst it is “okay”… I wouldn’t actually recommend it to anyone. It is a good general purpose jacket but I have a few issues with it…

    I live in Sydney, and it wasn’t a good jacket for summer as it is not vented. So in hot sun you will get very sweaty even when you are moving and it is nasty when you are sitting in traffic. (This is with the liner taken out)

    Although we are only just coming into winter now, I now have the reverse problem. The Jacket is fantastic during the day but of an early morning which is when I ride to work, it just isn’t warm enough even with the liner in. There is about a 5cm strip either side of the zip which the liner does not cover, this area gets really cold. It also isn’t long enough I feel for winter use, I am looking for a longer jacket at the moment.

    So there is some honest feedback for you. I don’t know what the weather is like wherever you are or what times of the day you will be riding, but I would recommend getting a winter jacket and a summer jacket instead of one to cover all occasions. (Which was my mistake)

    Sean D
  14. and its bloody good value at $400!

  15. Does Palsonic have anything to do with Panasonic? No. That's not what I'm talking about. Most companies who assimilate with another name by design do so without permission and for the sole reason to ride on the other companies brand awareness. Not saying that these guys have, it may be just coincidence that this new player on the moto clothing block chose a name almost identical to another.
  16. I can't find anything conclusive, but it appears in europe Ixon is teh bigger brand of th etwo, so I would say the naming similarity is not a marketing ploy
  17. countmacula: is the Ironman waterproof without the liner in? I've been looking at it at the shop, and on the tag it says something about having a waterproof liner, but the zip out liner looks to be more of a winter liner?

  18. does it really matter? The good thing is we have choice :)
  19. I have a textile Ixon ladies jacket (can't tell you any more specifics cos it's in the b'room and if I wake up the fella again he'll crack it) It has no inner lining, it's a straight summer jacket. Don't know if your a boy or girl so lets pretend your a girl. They fit well and I found as a taller miss (6F), they were the longest in the belly. I don't know what the weathers like in perth but if its' anything like the brisbane winter that just passed, cold nights are fine as long as you have a long sleave and jumper on underneath. As there's no water proof lining a simple poncho ($10) over the top is fine.

    $165 and for an extra 10 squid, all weather purpose :)
  20. i have an ixon jacket and i'm not so keen on it. it has a removable winter liner - when you take it out the jacket goes baggy and looks around 10 sizes too big. with it in, it' a perfect fit, but no taking it out. so it's basically useless asides from summer.

    maybe i'm being fussy, but i prefer the feeling of a close fitting jacket.