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IXON Jackets

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by DKEL, Mar 11, 2006.

  1. Has anyone got any opinions on the clothing brand IXON?
    I believe its a french company and relatively new to selling in Australia.
    I am looking at getting a jacket and they seem to be fairly good value (I think?)

  2. The only thing I got of axon is a wet weather over suit and its great for going over the leathers quality is good as well. Being French it can only be good stuff. :grin:
  3. Only thing I got of axon is a million oil covered penguins :LOL:

    Seriously though, I hear that the gear is top notch :)
  4. My wife has a summer jacket, took a spill recently and it held up great.

    Would definately recommend.
  5. have a textile jacket. has a winter liner and the armour. pretty good quality. would recommend
  6. My other half has an Ixon winter jacket...it appears to be pretty well made and was pretty good value too
  7. I've got an Ixon leather jacket... well it's leather in all the important contacty bits and textile everywhere else..
    Has armour + removable lining.
    It's great, still too heavy for riding around in summer here in brissy but I'm looking at getting another Ixon summer jacket ASAP.

    Definately recommend!
  8. I agree with all that has already been said. Brought myself a Ixon textile jacket with removable lining and armour. Jacket is brillant and I certainly have full confidence in the quality and safety of the jacket.
  9. I've got both the IXON jacket and pants. Jacket is warm, even without the liner. Good armour protection in back, shoulders and elbows. Cost was $399. Pants, very good protection in knees, fairly well padded in backside/thigh area. Cost was $299. Zip together nicely, looking like a once piece black/grey suit with textile inserts. Not bad for $700 total. Mrs Nodz tells me that the relfective piping is quite good. She was able to pick me out of the traffic quite easily when following behind me a couple of nights ago.
  10. I would definately recommend any Ixon stuff.

    I have a summer jacket with a removeable winter lining, cool enough in the warm weather as it is a mesh jacket. Add the lining and it's nice and cozy warm. Got caught in the rain on the way home last night and it kept me nice and dry!

    Happy.Grrl also has a mesh summer jacket which she's really happy with. So happy with the Ixon gear in fact that we just went and picked up a winter jacket for her today!
  11. I usually hate to bring up dead threads but it is relevant and its not beating a dead horse. So what im wondering is has anyone got an ixon airway jacket and can comment on how it would probably hold up in a sliding crash on road. Or compared to a dririder air ride jacket. Both look similair and both available local at there abouts same price. But alot of mesh for a protective jacket. Mainly looking at them because of the heat im usually in here in bundaberg. And the fact they should be cool enough once i fit the tracks once i get to where im going (which is about an hours ride).
  12. I looked at that Ixon jacket but the fit on me was all wrong. Size M was too baggy and size S the arms too short.
    Come next summer I'll look at ordering in a Furygan Discovery jacket (I know Furygan fits me well) or take a chance on an IXS Zephyros jacket.