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Ixon Diablo Textile Jacket

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by newbie69, Feb 1, 2008.

  1. Does anyone have one of these jackets?
    If so how would you rate it?
    Is it ok to wear over the summer months or does it get to hot?




  2. mate has one. i wore it for a couple of weeks while waiting for my jacket to arrive.

    never wore it with the liner...i think it has one. so i cant really comment on it as a winter jacket

    armour felt pretty solid in place.

    nice and light weight. short - racer style

    Had a reasonable ammount of ventilation from memory...well more than my dririder freeway. so it makes a good summer jacket, however my mate always seems to wear it unzipped completley when its hot...but he is a softcock

    good sollid little jacket feels tough enough...i prefer it over my freeway however i have a leather jacket now and will only wear that if i was gonna ride in the rain

    hope it helps

  3. I haven't got a Diablo but I recently bought a Ixon Sismic and I can comment on how impressed I am with the build quality.
    I spent a long time lookin' for a textile all season jacket to replace my worn out old Mars leather jacket and the advice I received here steered me in the direction of Ixon jackets.

    So far I'm very glad I listened to the advice :)
  4. I ended up buying the Ixon Diablo Jacket on the weekend and so far so good. Had to ride home in the rain on monday and i was still dry when i took it off so had to be pleased about that.

    I wanted to get the optional winter liner but they didnt have any in stock.

    Does anyone know whether the winter liner from an Ixon Sismic Jacket would fit & zip up properly in the Ixon Diablo Jacket?

    I tryed one from my Rjays jacket but the zips are the opposite way around so it doesnt work.