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Ixon Climber Textile Pants

Discussion in 'Pants' at netrider.net.au started by charoli, Apr 14, 2009.

  1. Bought these pants mainly for colder weather riding and when there's a chance of rain, as I usually ride in Draggins if weather is good.

    Have used them on warmer days and also in heavy rain, so here's my opinion on how they rate. Haven't tested them on an off, and hopefully never will!

    RRP $199.95, got them for $189 online from ridgersedge

    Quality is great for the price, can't complain, looks like quite heavy strong stitching.

    The pants consist of three layers, the outer protective textile layer, a non detachtable waterproof lining, and a detachtable inner quilted lining which is about 3/4 long so they sit above most boots.

    Due to the non-detachable waterproof lining, theses pants do not breathe. I found wearing the pants without the thermal layer unbearable as your legs quickly stick to the waterproof lining as it becomes a sauna and restricts movement. Even on mildly warm days!

    Thermal lining is warm and easily detached for washing. These are cooler weather riding pants, would not buy as summer/all weather gear.

    Legs have boot zippers making it a breeze to put on/take off boots.

    Pants have a high waist and extra higher lower back cover, giving good coverage and protection when leaning forward. Belt gives good adjustability.

    Though knees are pre-bent, they are comfortable walking around in.

    Zippered fly is covered with a velcro flap, and is internally lined to stop water penetration.

    In summary the pants are waterproof and do a good job in that aspect.

    They come with foam CE knee and shin protectors which sit within the waterproof lining. I found these uncomfortable and they also take up a lot of room inside the legs, ended up taking them out.

    Which leads me to sizing. I worked to the Ixon sizing chart and bought the appropriate size - though they fit, they are on the tighter side especially with thermal liner & knee pads. I would recommend going one size larger!. Don't know why they wouldn't take into consideration the knee pads and thermal liner into their sizing!

    In summary,

    good quality for price
    Lots of features for the money
    good thermal/rain protection
    good comfort/adjustment (if you get right size!)

    buy a size larger if you intend to use knee armour
    not breathable, cooler weather pants, rather than all-season pants

    Hope that helps someone in choosing the right gear, especially with the cooler weather upon us.
  2. Yep great pants and the knee armor, padding around the hips are excellent. My biggest complaint also was they did not breath. I sold my pair to my brother after he had an accident with his original pair and the knee armor saved his knee from serious damage. I mostly have all IXON gear I have an IXON Simic jacket, IXON Iguane Leather Pants and IXON leather jacket. The brand is French and I really like the good value for money.

    When I get some more textile pants I am looking at the IXON Ambitious Pants. I believe these are breathable as it has a waterproof lining which can be taken out, whereas the climber just has a thermal liner.

    Bike Biz have a special on prices in the IXON range at the moment too.


  3. I just got some of these and have to say they are quite good, as for the sizing i had the luxury of trying mine on over a pair of jeans and therefore got ones that fit a bit better and dont have any problems with the armour. Another pocket on the other side would be nice though.
  4. what about reverse penetration :grin:

    they look good, plus saved your arse on sunday, i came home weighing a tonne
  5. that's the warming feature :grin: