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Ixil Exhausts

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Karaman, May 10, 2007.

  1. I've been thinking of getting an Ixil exhaust for my gt250r when it gets repaired. They look like good quality exhausts, and just wondering if anyone has had any experiences with them?

    Heres a link to their site, they're UK based.
    You'll have to click on catalog and then select the type of bike.


    The Hyo Cripple.

  2. I doubt there is an Aus distributor, so by the time you get it into the country it will be pretty pricey, especially with their exchange rate.

    There are plenty of other reputable cans to choose from locally.
  3. Why not just get a genuine one or the Megacycle can (both are made by Megacycle) They sound good and are not to exy.
  4. Ill check out the Megacycle cans, cheers Oz.
  5. I know a couple of people with Ixils on their blackbirds, they are sweet, and sound awesome.
  6. I dont really like the megacycle's, remind me of trashcans for some reason (no offense to anyone :p).

    Ixil's shouldnt be that bad when it comes down to price....conversion from pounds makes it about $500, and i know ill have to take in consideration of the delivery prices, but it'd be worth it since the gt's i see only have the howler muffler that u get from the dealership here.
  7. The ixil just looks to be a round can that any local place could make in stainless or carbon??

    Madaz quality looks much better, they'll make one up for any model for less than your total price.

    I've had yoshis, ethos, moriwaki, more... and still this local company beats them all in construction, materials, price and sound!

    Edit: No vested interest here, quality local craftsmanship is rare these days...
  8. Hmmm, megacycle make a really good can. The website doesnt do them justice for some reason. Ken makes an awesome can for quality and price.
  9. So i emailed Madaz and they said they dont have any exhausts for the gt, but are working on it and should be done soon. Costs for aussies would be about $649 plus shipping (so quite expensive :cry: ).

    Will try emailing megacycle soon.
  10. Like me. Great sound, good quality pipe. Would definately buy their product again.
  11. Staintune pipes sound nice IMO as i,m sure Tweet and Mustard will comfirm... :LOL: