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IXIL exhausts

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by OldBellHelmet, Feb 12, 2009.

  1. any good. anyone used one ?.

  2. had a real good perv at a pair of twin shorties on an sv1000.

    The fcuking ducks nuts. look awesome, sounded great.

    no idea how pricey they are though and performance is always a bit of a wank anyway
  3. yeah the shorty for the er6 is around the $600 delivered so not what you call a bargain. as far as i know as the stocker on the er6 is quite restrictive and the bike runs a touch rich so anything would help.. im more up for a bit of sound and a bit extra push is always good
  4. I'm looking at a set for the striple. Oz distributor is speeddemon.com.au (in WA). About $970 delivered to Melbourne. Plenty of youtube clips on various Ixil exhausts.

    I went to PSM asked them if my warranty would be void if I installed a set of aftermarket pipes (namely the Ixils). He said that it wouldn't, however if I did install them & then discovered that the engines exhaust valves were "burnt out", then the warranty may be void.

    He then strongly advised I should stick with the TORs (pointless imho - they still weigh a tonne!) or Arrow cans (not within my budget).

    Guys, what do you think, in particular about jeopardizing the warranty of the bike? I still have another year left b4 the warranty expires. I really want to install the Ixils.

  5. if the exhaust did indeed cause an issue then they may have right to say 'tough titties'.
  6. Totally agree, OldBell. That's why I'm thinking I might wait until the warranty period expires before I change the cans. I'll have to read the T & C of my warranty & go from there.
    There are a lot of people around the world that are using the Ixils on their new bikes (with no re-mapping) with no issues to speak of.
  7. well if you can wait all good. i know my bike runs a little rich from stock so an open can 'shouldnt' cause a hassle.
  8. I don't know about the Street, but for the Speed triple Triumph can load on a different ECU tune for you. They have various ones and it only costs about 1/2 hour of labour, some of the tunes include their TORS exhaust; Aftermarket exhaust; etc.
  9. From what I've read, the same can done on the Street. Some have the TOR map loaded once they install aftermarket pipes. Others believe it's not necessary.
  10. Went past PSM in Ringwood & asked them how much it would cost to re-map the ECU & have the TOR map loaded (once I have the ixil slip-ons installed). Bloke said I'd have to go to the Dandenong store coz they have a dyno. I asked him why I'd need to put the bike on a dyno for a simple re-map, as I thought they just plug into the ECU & load the existing TOR map. He said that putting the bike on the dyno is the only way to set it up properly. He went on to say that I may even need a PCIII. All this for installing some slip-ons!!!!

    Then he asked me if I've considered the arrow pipes. And there it was - PSM do not give any other pipes the time of day. There's plenty of overseas striple owners on triumph675.net that have installed non-arrow cans without a PCIII or dyno run & they're happy with their bikes. Some even take their bikes to their authorised Triumph dealer & they load the TOR map & only get charged 1/2 hr labour.

    If PSM aren't willing to assist me, can I go elsewhere & have the TOR map loaded?
  11. he was a salesman doing his job, you were a big fat pigeon that flew in his window.

    a guy with a brand new "fashionable" bike that walks into a dealership and asks whats needed for slipons....of course they are going to try to talk you into extra things

    imagine if everybike that had slipons on it went to the dyno and had a PC111 ....there would be a fcuk lot less slipons going around