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I've won a new Honda. Honest!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by hornet, Jul 19, 2010.

  1. this was in my email this afternoon

    520 London RdSlough,GL3 7QY,
    United Kingdom
    Reference Number:HONDA:652-662/25.

    Dear Winner,

    Congratulations, you have just won a brand new HONDA CR.V LX car and a cash prize of Ј500,000.00 {Five Hundred Thousand Great British Pounds(GBP) in the satellite software email lottery. On line Sweepstakes International program held on April.18Th,2010. Conducted by HONDA LOTTERY BOARD in which your e-mail addresses was pick randomly by software powered by the Internet.
    Officer Name:MR tom tony
    Email: chev_claimdepartment2010@qatar.io
    Phone: +44-7010042378
    Honda LX.House London.UK
    Below is the claims and verifications form. You are expected to fill and return it immediately so we can start Processing your claims:
    1. Full Names:
    2. Residential Address:
    3. Direct Phone No:
    4. Fax Number
    5. Occupation:
    6. Sex:
    7. Age:
    9.10 Annual Income:
    10.Won Before:
    11.Batch number:AT-040SB06-03
    12:Ticket Numbers:2752246896
    We wish you the best of luck as you spend your good fortune. Thank you for being part of our commemorative yearly Draws.
    MISs. juliet WATER
    Honda CR.V.LX Promotion Team

    I wonder it I have to go to England to collect it ??? :p
  2. Darn, I was excited until I found out it was only a car. A fireblade plus half a million pounds for trackdays would be mint.

    Will they swap the car for a bike perhaps?

  3. No, you dont have to go to England to collect your non prize,
    But it will cost you to collect it, thats how they make their money in this scam,
    you pay to have the money passed for collection,
    $100-00 per time from every one who responds, easy pickings, But you get Jackshit from them.
    If I added them up, I would probably have at least 30 million dollars so far,
  4. Sweet.
    Hornet I have loan that i am having touble paying. Since you are such a kind honest person can you hand me the money needed.
  5. =D>

    well done Hornet, congratulations. Good job seeing how you never entered anything.

    Makes you wonder how people could be such muppets for fall for this. And check out the prizes, a 30k car, oh and we'll throw in 500k cash...might need that for parts and servicing on the honda!
  6. It's the old saying...If it sounds too good to be true, then it is!

    They use all sorts of ideas nowadays for scams so you have to be on red alert but I suppose it makes a change from the..... "I'm from Nigeria and I want to transfer $10,0000,000 dollars to your bank account" usual scams.
  7. "randomly chosen by software powered by the internet"

    hahahahah if that isnt a slap in the face code for spam I dont know what is.
  8. Send them $1500 and they'll sort out first-class tickets. Don't worry, you'r money will be refunded when you get there ;).
  9. It's come to something when the it being a scam is the best case scenario :D.
  10. half mil and a new car? not bad, but i can trump you.
    i won a bmw x5 and 3/4 mil about 2 months back

    if i added up all the 'winnings' i'd have near on half a billion dollars by now. i get about 200 spam emails a day, mostly plugging things like black market viagra or animal p0rn but occasionally i get a good laugh
  11. Ive filled it in for you so its ready to be sent back

    1. Full Names: Julia Eileen Gillard
    2. Residential Address: 1 Parliament Dr, Capitol Hill ACT 2600
    3. Direct Phone No: 02 6277 7111
    4. Fax Number: 02 6277 7111
    5. Occupation: Team Leader
    6. Sex: Female
    7. Age: 49
    8.Nationality: Irish / Australian
    9.Annual Income: Bottomless pit bbuuuhhaaaahhhahahahaahaha
    10.Won Before: no
    11.Batch number:AT-040SB06-03
    12:Ticket Numbers:2752246896
  12. I got an email the other day that didn't even try to dress it up. It went something like:

    "Hello Friend. If you give me you bank acct, bsb, <insert usual scammer requests> we will send you money. Yours faithfully, <insert bogus name>"

    If there was a spammer's union, I would have reported it. :LOL:
  13. Bet their strike rate didn't depart significantly from that of more sophisticated :LOL: scammers.
  14. WTF!? That's not a scam!

    Don't listen to them!! You've won, you've won :D
  15. I know, I know, just don't tell the poor old Magna; it'll go out on strike in protest :LOL:.
  16. Enjoy the winnings :bannanabutt::beer::biker:\\:D/:dance::smileysex::tantrum::woot:
  17. Some people have all the luck.