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I've turned!! Need some guidance now :)

Discussion in 'Supermoto' started by ageg, Aug 26, 2012.

  1. Hey guys,

    I have sold my fzr today to make room for a new bike after the wedding, the Missus has finally approved hehe.

    At first I was wanting to get a Daytona 675... Realizing the price of the bike, I had to be realistic and realize that I wouldnt be gettin that for another 10 years lol.

    So, after stalking these forums day after day after day... I came apon a thread started my takamii about a super motard. Well after reading his building of this bike and watching some YouTube stuff, I have a new love for a certain kind of motorbike, a super motard .

    So I thought I would get some personal opinions off people who ride them, and look to have heaps of fun on them!!

    So firstly ill give some info about what I'm after or what I want to achieve on these really fun machines. I have a daily rider, which is my spada which I can use for long trips etc because I have read they are not too good on long trips or high speeds. It's mainly going to be used for Zipping around the back streets and cbd. I dunno if hight makes a difference but i have seen that they are pretty tall.... I'm about 5'11 so could a 450 be too big?. I've seen that a lot of people have wr250's... Or a recommending ktm's, as I said I'm not looking to go fast or on long trips with it, just really want to have fun on it and maybe do some drifting in the future .
    So some ideas of models to look into would be great, bear in mind.. I have absolutely no ideas about dirt bike and ones like them.

    Just So we are clear... Mainly me...a motard is a dirt bike turned into a road bike... And a super motard is a dirt bike made for road and dirt?...

    I'm already smiling and excited an I don't even have one yet lol
  2. my bestmate has a KTM 450 (not sure on model etc just make and size) super motard and man its fun but im a naked man now haha :p

    Of the mark the KTM 450 always wanted to do a backflip with the power..i found it exhilarating :)

    Goodluck finding your bike haha
  3. Your making a back wheeling fun machine and your worried about height? It`s only too big for you if you can`t lift it back onto its wheels.

    Other then that i`ve heard them described as pointless fun , so go for it , id own one
  4. Any other thoughts?
  5. I'm 5'11' and ride a 450 SMR can't sit astride flat footed but that doesn't bother me.
    Supermoto bikes are:
    high maintenance, to most people ugly, not understood by people who don't ride them and make you want to break the law every time you get on them (well make most people). If none of these things phase you then your ready to own one.

    Now I love my SMR and I have ridiculous amounts of fun on it but its not my only bike and its definitely not my daily (partly because of the maintenance and partly because of the way it makes me want to ride :demon:) but people with more self control then myself do ride them daily.
    For a first supermoto you would be hard pressed to find a better bike then the DRZ400SM there pretty bulletproof, nowhere near as highly strung as the racier SM's (lower maintenance) and more powerful then the 250 SM's.
    If you've got any questions shoot away
  6. So this thread was for you to be convinced to get one? you don't need convincing. Trust me I haven't sm'd my WR450F yet but I can tell you I can't wait, on the dirt it has way to much power. On the road you will lose your license XD It's a wheelie machine, it's like they were made to backflip on flat ground XD

    Get an SM and you will feel young for ages, they are excellent fun, as MOS said factory SM'd like the husky SMR's are race bred and require a lot of maintenance :( even my wr450f does :( just be careful, they are power house's
  7. First thing to do is read their maintenance schedules.
    And self evaluate if your up to them...as a daily.
    The DRz's altho not as powerful and sharp....still put a big smile on your dial.
    Maintenance will be weekly, not daily.
    The highly strung Euro's; KTM's, TM's and Huskies need oil changes every four to five hours.
    The Jap's a bit less and every six hours. In saying that I know an 2010 WR450 moto that has 12,000k's on it. Still goes like a demon and it only gets new oil every five thousand k's. He's still not touched the valves either. Usually a yearly job
  8. Really? he is screwing the motor up badly. 5 thousand km's is for a wr250r don't get the 2 mixed up mate. I change my oil every 1000km like the manual says to do so. They are a race trail bike, not a drz. He shouldn't be treating his WR like that but hey his bike will be screwed in a few years and he will need to replace some parts :)
  9. Yeah no he is a pig lol. We have all told him but he doesn't care.
    He is the type that believes you only top the oil in a car and never change it.
    The worst part is his things never seem to break down...I hate that
  10. Ok I'm still a bit on the fence. As I have stated above, it's not going to be a daily rider, mainly just bashing around on the weekends for some fun :).

    So this leads me to this. Would it be better for me just to buy a bike that's already been set up for the road? Or do it up myself and get it road ready that way?... What would the costs be roughly of I chose to do this?.

    Also, maintance does not bother me... I do oil changes all day... Every day, all year.
  11. It will be cheaper to to buy one already set up in pretty much every case, and you wont get close to what you paid if you build one then decide to sell it, I'd probably factor roughly 2k (better to over estimate the cost) in for the conversion depending on how well set up you want it to be

    But there are lots of other factors to:
    Do you want to be able to switch between dirt gear and road gear?
    Do you want a fun bike that's comfy (by SM standards) and easy to ride or a race bred monster that wants to destroy your license every time you get on it?
    What kind of distances do ride/want to ride on what kind of roads?

    I know you said you're fine with maintenance but do what bretto61 said and have a look a whats recommended by the manufactures maintenance wise, Husqvarna recommends engine overhaul (new valves, conrod, main bearings, piston, ect) every 10,000km for street use on the SMR450, while at the other end Kawasaki just want you to check the valve clearances every 12,000km on the klx250sf.

    There's a lot of variety and compromise with supermotos you need to think about what you want from the bike before you choose which way to go, But if you wanna give it a shot but can't be arsed with all of that the DRZ400SM is the safe bet
  12. Always the way, but if someone like us (treats bikes well) did that it would break on us.

    If it's going to be ridden on the weekend, you are better of getting something that is fast, fun and not alot of maintenance just so you're not fixing it on the weekend instead of riding it.
  13. Do a thread search on it first!!
    also check out advrider and the offroad forums, georgiaoffroad and bike reviews.

    a supermoto is pretty much any trail bike , with smaller wheels and road tyres, but a racer would be a MX bike because they are the racers, but these would not be road legal.

    there are many different trailbikes, so first you must find out the differences between them and what they are made for.

    Also if you own a dirt bike, you should use it on the DIRT or you suck.
    dirt wheels are 18/21", road wheels are 17", so ideally you will want two pairs of wheels. if you only have one set of wheels i would just have 18/21's with road friendly gravel tyres (i did on a klx 250 for 4 years)

    dirt/moto bikes are easier to ride than road bikes, more plush. Easier to handle in tight twisties and traffic. Lots of grunt, but the trade off is the top speed is about 120-160 kph depending on the bike and engine size. trailbikes handle no good at above 130. (i have never used 17"s though so can't advise on these)

    if it is for the road only, consider other options.
    for road only i think 250 is too small, so go to a 400
    personally i think it is stupid if you have a dirt bike and never take it offroad, so make sure you do!

    i could go on for ever but you need to do some research
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  14. Thanks very much for you thoughts :). I will take note, the only reason I'm not considering dirt riding ATM is because I don't know anyone that does it.

    In regards to searching the forums, I did do a search, not much came up on tapatalk tho, just some build threads, had a look through the supermoto section too. I have also done further research in regards to this on google, this thread was just to get people personal opinions on netrider and see what they like and could personally suggest to me.

    Once again, thanks for you input, taken note and I might start looking into ktm's... Any thoughts on a ktm duke?

    Cheers mate.
  15. in my opinion the duke is not a supermoto,
    in the sense that you cannot put 18/21 inch wheels on it,
    it is not a trailbike, but different altogether more of a road bike

    KTM do make fabulous trailbikes though, as do the japs
    as people have said, the DRZ400 would be a fabulous bike although it only has 5 gears
    these bikes do their work best at under 110kph, because of the gearing

    trailbikes are very easy to maneuver and steer in tight spots,
    but are no good for high speeds (unless you are offroad!)

    if your intention is a road bike, get a road bike,
    most trailbikes are not made for large mileages
    but of course they are awesome offroad, or on a tight twisting road or track

    you said you wanted a 675,
    if you want a roadbike why not get a jap 600 second hand?
    would cost the same as a motard,

    if you want to ride offroad and onroad, get the traily
    if you don't want to go faster than 150kph maximum
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  16. Ageg - good for you - my best friends are all motarded

    Since I built my WR I have only ridden my R1 once

    I went for a WR450 simply because after hours and hours of research it seems that they have the strongest motor reliability wise - the 5 valve head is very well designed and made and I have read many a testimonial of people that have done 15,000 kms on their wr and have not changed the oil every 500 meters and done the valves every second hour

    Parts and repairs for the Japanese bikes are also a little less $$ than the euros

    However in saying this the Husqvarnas are great value at the momment you can pick up second hand ones with maybe 1000 kms or so for like 6-7 grand for a 2008 onwards fuel injected model

    If you can afford it try to get a later model injected bike -

    I test rode a 2012 KTM 450 exc 2 days ago

    It was much lighter in feel than my 2003 wr also felt sharper and more nimble in the handleing

    It was fully derestricted but had a standard exhaust on it and although it was quick it didnt feel brutal like my WR does

    Having 6 gears also felt good on the KTM

    My WR when running 14/48 gearing will power wheelie my 6 foot 2 110kg fat ass with no problems in the first 4 gears - I toned it dowm by using a 15 tooth front sprocket

    I have had my wr up to 165kph for an extended straight so far and it felt steady no head shake etc and felt like it had about another 15kph to go before topping out

    Building your own tard an be fun and frustrating as well depends how mechanical you are
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  17. Did you ened up with a supermoto yet Ageg ?
  18. Well Ageg might not have got his yet but I just picked up a super clean 2010 DRZ SM tonight. I've had one half decent ride of it (from the pickup location to home) and I'm in love with the thing already.

    The bikes had all the recommended usual mod work done (full race exhaust, 3 x 3 airbox mod with replacement jets) and the difference in power / pickup between it and my 250 Ninja is just night and day. Evidenced by the fact I did my first ever wheelie on a bike unintentionally off the lights and got through half the intersection with the front wheel in the air... FUN.

    It's got power everywhere unlike the Ninja and it's all about 0-100 kph... which is what I wanted.

    I was looking at getting a sportsbike for ages also but decided in the end:

    a) Don't want to have to rev it hard to get it moving
    b) Don't want an uncomfortable seating position - nakeds were looking good for this reason
    c) Love the idea of going off road on firetrails etc
    d) Love the idea of cornering harder than any sportsbike
    e) Want the power band in the legal limit zone as there are cops / cameras everywhere now
    f) Want a bike that can handle crappy roads like Sydneys

    All those boxes got ticked.

    So if you're still looking Ageg... or maybe someone else... my very limited experience with supermoto has been good and I can only imagine it will get better with more time.
  19. Hey guys! Sorry been flat out with the family, just found out recently that I'm expecting another little baby in September (has to be finals week lol) so the idea of buying one is probably on hold indefinitely :(.... I've still got my spada so that will be it for now :(
  20. Ageg
    Another baby its not the end of the world, every following one is easier then previous ;-)
    You should not give up on motard, there's still plenty of time before september to get everything organised