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Ive taken a personal day but the weather isnt the nicest

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Kat Rider, Sep 7, 2012.

  1. im walking out the door and am hoping my vision isnt too obsurd on a windy day like today to think that i could actually complete such a leg without turning in early because my fingers have dropped off.


    im not offering this as a ride until i have checked all the roads, so this is going to be a long day taking my time and watching out for the unexpected, have my camera on board so ill show you what i discover
  2. good plan (y)
  3. There leaf and bark litter up there is going to be INCREDIBLE today. And you'll get a few passing showers. Take care.
  4. Right..... roads checked out, our states finest in blue came out and said hello twice today, they must have been feeling lonely as was i so once in hurstbridge they just wanted tomake sure i was alright, kick the tyres ect and the last was before healesville again make sure i was feeling alright and a quick kick of then tyres.

    The camera idea didnt pan out as i forgot to put the battery in in LOL but all in all alittle leaf litter ect on the more heavliy wooded sections but alot of dry beautiful parts albeit alittle cold. All in all its a lovely part of the work and was a nice yet slightly soggy ride
  5. Hi mate, nice little trip. Did you go all the way of the original route? There's a bit of dirt road on your route from Warburton towards the Marronday Hwy. From memory, some 15 kms or so. Did you do that bit as well? :-s Would have been interesting in this weather. Hope it didn't get too muddy. :)

    You should have taken tomorrow off and come along with us. 8-[
  6. You're a bad person...
  7. lets just say a can of degreaser and a high pressure sprayer along with some TLC was req. to get the aquired road/dirt grime off. Lots of caked mud and pebbles were attracted, lucky no punctures, i would not recommend that road over the top of donna bunang to anyone without a sense of immortality esp with street tyres. it was an interesting trip

    i wont be doing it again anytime soon though.

    That was the only part of the trip i wasnt impressed about the rest of it was wonderful, i did add alittle sqirt up to Marysville instead of turning back straight away onto acheron way, i am heading back in a month with my wife to marysville and to stephenson's falls we might drive up acheron way instead of the usual jaunt
  8. I am also planning to do this route Solo on coming Saturday,Any senior rider interested to tag along ??