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I've seen some stupid things in my time, but ... seriously

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by js_gtr, Jul 4, 2010.

  1. eugh... and some poor idiot will buy them thinking he's fully sick.
  2. They're pretty
  3. Somehow, I think the cops would defect it - whether they had a case or not.
  4. Cutting Edge Technology.
  5. no more 2 finger braking for you!
  6. i'm having mental images of the owner riding it around at night without a helmet. wearing sunglasses.
  7. Interesting...and by interesting I mean 'ew.. not for me...but good on whoever buys those for his bike, and I hope he isn't a mate of mine!'.
    That is definitely a 'lol' comment.
  8. I don't like spiky ended levers.
  9. My son had an incident on a push bike a few years ago that left him with an interesting circular mark in the centre of his chest in addition to expected pain and discomfort and this was the result of stacking a bicycle I can only imagine the potential for significant injury if contact was made with those things.
    End of the day - Caveat emptor.



    lol - one way to beat those SRs
  11. More like 2 finger brake once, and it's 2 finger braking only from that point onwards. Slice.
  12. This can only have a bad ending
  13. I wonder how sharp they are.
  14. History: 2 sold

    There are at least two complete morons in this world.
  15. I'm not alone !!!(y)
  16. Still... how awesome would these look on a custom bike, on stands (read: never to be riden) in a tattoo place or something?!! (y)
  17. Well, the ends are a lot sharper than the ball ends that factory levers have had with good reason, for many decades.

    That, in itself, is enough to condemn them IMHO, before the edge (or lack of) is even considered.
  18. In my younger days of riding beat up dirt bikes I got into the habit of pushing the back of the levers with the back of my fingers to make sure they were always returned to their "home" position. I still do it many years later.

    I guess these would get me out of the habit one way or another.
  19. Not a bad habit to have. Kind of goes with my own "cancel the indicators every 30 seconds" one :grin:.