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I've said some harsh things about Dell in the past, but..

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by hornet, May 31, 2010.

  1. over the last couple of weeks I've had occasion to have to rejig two Dell machines from formatting up, both with XP, and I can't help admire the Dell Service Number concept, and its execution. It gets you the exact right driver, and no other driver, for every component. compare that with Lenovo/IBM, for example, where even if you know the model number of a machine, you still might be confronted with three choices of video card and four choices of sound device, and never ANY IDE Channel drivers......

  2. I've been forced to respect dells since I poured half a litre of coffee into my laptop and - once drained and dried - it worked perfectly still.

    Next time I'll try whisky ;)
  3. Yep dell used to be the cheap operator for a reason, they used to be Absolute Garbage.
    They are now on par with all but HP for quality and are probably better for online support.
    As for IBM… I Hate IBM laptops, they are the most fussy systems with non standard drivers for absolutely everything. And every new model has a whole new driver set. (I will grant I haven’t had the misfortune of working with them since they became Lenovo, so don’t know what they are like of late)
  4. I have recently started using dell for my business purely because they are by far the easiest company to deal with in regards to purchase and service. HP servers are also good, but the service is horrible (to the point where you just don't bother).

    If you want worst cost and service try apple. The macbook I am typing this from is a piece of shit that crashes everyday, and yet its only a month old. Try to get help from apple and they just blame you and everything else or flat out refuse to give you a decent answer.
  5. I have bought and recommended Dell in the past, and probably will in the future, because if you buy their service coverage you get fantastic service.

    The Dell D600 I am typing this on is now seven years old. I had full service coverage, including accidental damage, theft and breakdown on it for the first five years, and was offered the option of extending that before it expired.

    The machine itself has been around Australia strapped inside a 4WD, and subjected to all the heat, rough roads, sand and dust that I and the 4WD were. I have upgraded the memory with third party memory, but only because it was exactly the same and significantly cheaper (even the Dell salesperson all but advised me to do this). I put a Western Digital 250 GB disk in it, replacing the Dell installed 60 GB unit. I have upgraded the optical drive and power supply with Dell units, because they were the best. The new power supply can be used on 240V AC power, or 12V automotive, or airplane power, and replaces a Targas unit that could power the notebook but not charge the battery. I bought a replacement battery from Dell after five years life out of the first one, because it was the best and the cheapest, even though I thoroughly research eBay options. (Most of the eBay notebook batteries are not what they claim, and that is why they are cheap, although that is hard to prove or find out without lots of research.)

    I hate Dell's web site, and the fact that in Australia they don't offer as many supported accessories as in the USA. Finding information on the site can be impossible, but you will always know about the latest deals and discounts. It is primarily a sales site. Even the support site is sales oriented. I love their specials and discounts, which are great if you are patient.

    Then like you Paul, I love Service Tag system, and the fact that I can still get service on my seven year old notebook PC. Unheard of with most other brands! The only thing that will prevent Dell providing service on my notebook in the near future is that Microsoft is dropping support for Windows XP. ](*,)

    Oops. Sorry. I'm evangelising. My bad. :angel:
  6. No, I'd still have a HP.

    We are a HP reseller and we have many clients with Dell and I am constantly given the shits by Dell's. Especially their wireless setup.

    I've never had any trouble finding the right driver for HPs, you select the model and they're there. Its not hard. You should have the OEM driver DVD and the recovery partition anyway.

    I've always had great support from HP for hardware problems and replacements. I've never tried either for software/OS/drivers. Thats what I do.

    ...I've cleaned a large coke out of a HP too ;)
  7. I agree that I’d rather have a HP if money weren’t an issue. But bang for buck…
    As for wireless cards, I have had no issues at all with the Dell ones.
    And Yep HP Is fine for Driver support, it is IBM I was canning for that.
  8. At least when I call dell I get an answer. 9 times out of 10 I call hp and get an answering machine.
  9. I hear ya. I'm a boilermaker, and I've got this hammer I've used for about 20 years. It's had about 8 new handles and 3 new heads in that time. Best hammer I've ever had.
  10. #10 Day, Jun 1, 2010
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    I have HP at home and have not had trouble but trying to get a printer fixed at work within warranty has been a pain. The day after we had the first trouble with their service, a friend who was not aware of the issue sent me a link to this: [media=youtube]dodPR7h_ytI[/media]

    Small world. :) We haven't got to that stage yet. Hopefully they will fix it soon.
  11. Same processor, same motherboard, same screen, same wireless card, all hinges, switches, touchpad, keyboard, fixtures and fittings, and one original memory stick (I just added one) still working.

    That is a lot more than I can say for my nephews' Acer, Toshiba, and some other brand notebook PCs, which each only lasted 2 to 3 years before falling apart completely, and then having the motherboard and/or processor fail.

    So it is doing a little better than your hammer Andy!
  12. He he he he he. Just winding yer up mate. Glad someone picked up on it. He he he:wink:
  13. Well, most components, nearly all the time has been my experience. Admittedly, the times where it has failed have been few, but as far as I'm concerned thats how it should always have been. I give no points for simply being less shit than everyone else just by doing something properly.

    Now that is a very bold statement. The HP beats the Dell in build quality, material quality and finish. Every time. This has been the case for the past three years, and as I'm currently speccing out a new fleet of laptops, this is not changing any time soon.

    The guts are, however, largely the same. I find the online support to be rather equal. Dell offers a download manager (which I hate with a fervent passion) but thats about all they have over HP. I've never had an issue searching either databases for drivers by model number.

    Dells onsite support does trounce HPs though. They will send a man out within 24 hours usually to replace anything thats broken. HP normally has a lead of 3 days, plus a very annoying phone call.
  14. And the support is what wins it hands down for me. I was working for a large multinational software consultancy that was owned by another large multinational software company that makes the OS that most of you use and they used dell. Any problems were usually rectified the next day.

    A current client of mine uses HP and 8 weeks on a problem I have has still not been rectified... It aint that difficult.
  15. Yeah the service tag thing is definitely handy.

    Shame the hardware is made of shredded newspaper. The non business models are designed to fall apart after 1-2 years. The business models are pretty hard to kill though.
  16. I hope so; we've just commissioned a new Dell server at one of my schools
  17. They are all very much much of a muchness. I used to work for hp in their managed services division and had experience of HP, IBM and Dell servers. Though we naturally preferred the hp's, it wasn't purely out of some company loyalty. The Dell servers were good machines, but their support wasn't great, the parts inside the servers would change from week to week and their build process was different (not necessarily worse) than the hp process.

    I now work for a small company up here and we deal in IBM servers as well as Lenovo desktops and Toshiba laptops. The real nice thing about dealing with IBM support is that the support is local and the people understand you and your situation. But again, just about all of them are equal, there are very few stand out devices.
  18. he is not disagreeing with you.
  19. See I reckon IBM is the worst! My company commissioned about 3 dozen 4 dual core processor IBM servers about 2 year ago for a client. The IBM management software uses up 100% cpu on one of the cores. It still has not been fixed.
  20. God dammit. Stop being more observant than me.