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I've moved to motorcycle heaven.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by TarmacSamurai, Aug 18, 2008.

  1. So we're in and I've got the internet hooked up. We now live in Jamberoo, having finally made our tree change from the city. By Odin's filthy beard, the roads are bloody great round here. The road from my house to Kiama alone is awesome.

    So, any Illawarra riders, let me know when you're out and about.
  2. You get to ride the Kiama bypass every day?

    Oh man

    If the Seacliff Bridge and a racetrack had sex; THAT would be the baby.
  3. mmm, one of the great high-speed twisty roads in the state, lucky fellow

    (I live at Oak Flats, not that far away, call in and say Hi :))
  4. jealous also :grin:

    PS : Take up fishing for Asutralian Bass in your spare time, you are in THE perfect location!
  5. Welcome to Wollongong mate!

    Ok firstly, remove that disgusting location of Sydney from your profile and insert Wollongong into that slot :)

    Secondly, Ive organised a ride through the national park for this saturday. Theres quite a few Wollongong netriders going so would be a good outing. The Wollongong boys are meeting at north gate(fairy meadow) maccas at 11am. Its all in the NSW rides forum. Check it out.
  6. Hey man me and my mate were burning through there were you live yesterday, roads are excellent, smooth, and visibility from oncoming traffic is perfect, upto 400m ahead in some circumstances.. We loved it and would be doing it again soon.

    Also the Brokeback Valley i think :oops: , the lookout at the top is worth it.

  7. Just moved down here my self ,so welcome.

    I would give you the secret hand shake ,but they havn't shown it to me yet :p ,see you around or at the pie shop.
  8. Thanks for the welcomes. I won't be able to make the ride this Saturday, sadly - things are still a bit hectic and I have a few trips back to Sydney to make over the next couple of weeks. I will certainly catch up with you all over the next couple of months though.

    That section of twisties between Kiama and Gerringong is gonna cost me a licence if I'm not careful - it's so sweet! And my wife (an artist) has her studio at Gerringong, which means I have a good excuse to go back and forth along there as often as I like. The road from Jamberoo to Kiama, then Kiama to Gerringong and back is just an awesome ride.

    Paul - Oak Flats, eh? I'll drop in for a cuppa one day. You a nine to five man?

    Right, I'm off to change my profile. :)
  9. Better? I'm actually half an hour from Wollongong, so I thought something regional was more appropriate.

  10. Re: I've moved to motorcycle heaven

    Welcome to God's own mate. Jamberoo. It's where I ride at least once a week. What's the saying in real estate...Location.Location (Live just up the highway about ten minutes or so.)

    Catch up one day.

  11. Just don't put Jamberoo or you'll have all the Sydney riff-raff like Darwin and Dan Chee and Daewoo and the like crawling all over our lovely twisties :rofl:.

    PM sent, TS :wink:.
  12. Doyle - cheers, will do!

    I can lead those blokes away with the smell of a beer and a dodgy hamburger. Anyway, they already know about Jamberoo - it's that place just near Engadine, turn off just after the railway tracks. Right guys? :)
  13. Top place to ride a bike mate :cool:

    I was up in Kiama on the 600 recently and know the section of road you're referring to between Kiama and Jambaroo. I rode it before brekkie 8 x times one morning :LOL:

    I really like the road between Jambaroo and Nowra too except when you get stuck behind slow drivers :evil:

    I'll shoot you a pm next time I'm up that way mate.
  14. Sweet.

  15. We'll have to type slower for you now.
  16. Nah, you carry on typing really fast and getting stressed about it. I'll just read it at my own pace.

  17. was down that way today, not a huge fan of Jamberoo Road between the pie shop and Jamberoo, BUT how good is it going into Kiama! nice, smooth surface and really an absolute pleasure to ride..
  18. Yeah - the pie shop to Jamberoo is Jamberoo Mountain Road and that's way too narrow to be much fun. Too many cars driving down the middle of the road! But it's all made up for by the road into Kiama.

  19. Haven't ridden my bike through that area yet, maybe sometime next week!
  20. Too many slow cars taking their kidies to Jambaroo rec park, well its closed for the winter so might be ok for now.

    Try the road from albion to robertson pie shop