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Ive made my choice!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Teamsherman, May 20, 2011.

  1. Hi folks,

    After much deliberation and test riding, ive made the decision that i now want to own a VTR250 as my first bike!!

    Any hints and tips for buying a good one and not a lemon? (but from what ive read about them i doubt they come in lemon do they?)

    I have about $4500 to spend, so hopefully should get a nice bike for that coin!


  2. good choice. just have a good look around, don't get too caught up about finding "the right one". Pretty much all of them will be solid mechanically. And i'll guarentee you, after you buy one, you'll find a better one for cheaper straight afterwards.
  3. Awesome choice mate,
    $4500- should get u a really decent one
    ebay usually has a few cheaper ones going but depends on your current location though (not recommended buying interstate as a first bike)
    just take someone who knows bikes (mechanically minded) with you when checking one out.
    is that including protective gear?
    what area you live in by the way?
    all the best
  4. Howdy and welcome!

    Aim for less than 35,000km if you can.
  5. its worth paying a mechanic to check it out. lots of little things can be wrong and its hard to pick them.
  6. Ive already bought a Helmet, jacket with armour inserts and gloves. Im going to buy some Draggin or similar jeans and a pair of boots when i get the bike.

    Im in Canberra but do a shuffle between here and sydney on weekends.
  7. I went for a look at a VTR250 today, and thought i wouldnt find a better deal than this one.

    Brand new tyres, chain and sprockets, spark plugs and tune up with ventura rack and Euro bag with rego till December!!

    So i shook hands on it and should pick it up tomorrow afternoon!!

    Im excited!!

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  8. good choice. happy riding!
  9. What year, how many K's, how much? Mind you year and Kms are less important than a well maintained bike. Looks good.
  10. Looks nice and clean (y)

    whats the relection on the right mirror ?? looks like a head crab
  11. Its a 2006 model, has 22,xxx klm and i got it for $4500.

    Full service history with logbook and stamps from CmC for all services!!

    I think i did quite well!
  12. looks nice, gtz :D
  13. Nice one. The main thing is that you are happy with it and your bike goes well! Good luck with it. I nearly got a VTR myself and rode them for my P's training and test, a great little learners bike.
  14. excellent choice, you will have a ball.
    have you got full riding gear?
  15. hot dang!!! love the black version, wanna swap for a blue :p
    not a bad deal with all the extras as well, but mainly peace of mind with great service history.
    yea, he mentioned his gear ^^^ up a few posts earlier, this kids ready to hit the bit(ch)umen. happy days ahead friend.
  16. Nice one!! Good work buddy.
  17. looks the goods, enjoy
  18. Nice Bike. :) Welcome to the right side of the population!!
  19. Is Niice!! What's her name??