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I've lost me nuts and bolts!

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by jc212, Aug 2, 2007.

  1. Well, some time ago i decided to take off the rear pillion seat on the virago because i didn't really fancy the look of it. I remember putting all the little nuts and bolts into a takeaway container and putting it in this drawer in my room.

    Yesterday, I took my bike to the mech to get it serviced and while looking at the bike he kinda gave a bit of a laugh and said "You're missing bits on your bike!" At first i was a bit confused but then he pointed at gaping holes on opposite sides of my bike. Apparently I forgot to put back the screws that held the rear fender(not really sure what it's called) to the bike chassis (the tough black frame right?) together. The mech also noted that it was a bit dangerous because it could come loose and get caught up when my tire was spinning while riding.

    So I went back home...........and the missing bits were truly missing. I couldn't find em anywhere.

    Now, is there anywhere I can get replacements for the ones I lost? Are they going to be hideously expensive? Can I do something to prevent this from ever happening again??????

    (I think i've lost a few more bits too) :oops:
  2. Start by tightening the loose screws is ya head :rofl:

    Seriously though, try a wreckers.
  3. use a set of vernier calpipers measure the inside diameter, then look at a tapping chart, and you want to look for thread sizes with that diameter as the recommended drilling size, then just go to a hardware store and purchase the bolts, go go to a specilised fastners suppier and et stainless steel will cost a couple of bucks

    there are shops called specialty fastners all over the place look them up, drag one of the guys outsid eto the bike, show him the bolt holes, and chances are he will say its x size y tread z pitch and walk in grab the right bolts
  4. Any supa cheap or auto pro or auto barn or even bunnigns will have a selection of metric bolts.
    Pick one that looks the right size and try it.

    If u wana spend some cash go to a nuts n bolts/fasteners place and get fancy ones that will look like the originals
  5. Whether it comes to tools or parts, I always just park my bike right out the front of the shop, find the likely part, and ask the shop keeper if I can take the item out to the bike and measure it up (or screw it on). Nobody's ever said no, though some want me to leave my helmet with them as security. It saves a lot of hassle.

    Plenty of things! :)
  6. the bloke in your workshop should have some nuts and bolts on the shelf to help you out. but if you are after some nice shinny chrome ones go to MCA in parramata or the city. the bloke behind the counter will find the right size for you. thats his job, just let him sort it out for you.

    but the bike mechanic who let you out with out popping in a few bolts? I dont think i'd be going back there. a nut and bolt cost him about 50c each and he should have them in stock. your saftey is his business. he should have sorted this for you, even if he charged you a fiver for the bolts (cost of stocking stuff like that). this is why people take the bike to a bike shop, becouse things like this should just be storted.