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I've learnt my lesson the real hard way

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by sparz, Jul 9, 2009.

  1. *MOD - Images URL'd as per T&C's. Too many images and too big. Next time post will be removed.

    Well, i went out riding with some friends at night time. They all took their cars out to samford (very twisty and dark) . I was taking my time, and i wasnt really looking at what roads we were going through, so i was kinda lost. I looked up ahead and couldnt see any cars - TOTAL BLACKNESS. So, i tried speeding up to catch them - Bad idea.
    I came to a small crest, put on some of my rear brake. Not knowing the area, i thought once i come over the crest itll be a straight - WRONG. It was a gradual left turn. As i got to the top, i knew id be ending up in the opposite lane, and i saw no cars around and i thought id be able to pull it off.

    So all of a sudden IM DRIFTING. Like full on Tokyo drift style. I reckon i was drifting for at least 2-3 seconds before i flew off the road and started drifting on the gravel, rocks and dirt. The second i hit the gravel the bike started sliding on the left side and i was going with it. I remember just having my face planted onto the gravel and just seeing pebbles going past my face. The bike ended up stopping in a ditch, and the only thing i could think of was "oh shit my poor bike" and "oh shit my head is going to be banged into the wall...what the hell am i doing out in the middle of nowhere @ 10pm?"

    So, i got up, called my mates and they all came racing back to help me.

    The damage: I got a sore ankle and foot, all swelled up. Imagine if i wasnt wearing my sidi boots. I got some grazing on my left knee... I was quite amazed at the pants (draggin jeans). The outside has a tiny hole, but the kevlar is absolutely fine. Somehow i still managed to bleed on my knee. All of my other gear is scratched, and my shoei xr1000 has tonnes of scratches on the visor, and a few on the helmet itself... Im not sure if i should keep it or buy a new one. I dont think i hit my head - my head wasnt hurting at all - i think i just went for a slide with it.

    The bike (gpx250r) which i only purchased like 11 days ago second hand has a broken indicator (which im guessing will set me back $100?). Lots of tank, fairing and muffler scratches. The gear changer somehow got flicked right over. The gear changer was BEHIND the foot peg. I couldnt pull it back into position, so i had to undo it with an allan key. I found some kind of Caramel?? looking stuff near the radiator 'shield' and around there. To tell you the truth, it looks like it spit up onto the bike, but im not sure if it was something on the road, or if my bike is leaking oil or something.

    I cant seem to get it started, it just keeps clicking... although i did get it started on 2 occasions, somehow.. i can get 1st gear and neutral, but when i go up gears it just stays in neutral.

    Iv learnt my lesson. Dont learn yours the hard way too. Dont be stupid

    Scraped knee

    Sorta-fat foot. Got worse after a few hours
    As you can see the gear lever was behind the foot peg
    Old oil maybe?

    hahah i look like some kinda alien in that last photo
  2. Well, on the bright side youve probably made the netrider high score board of people who have binned their bike just after buying it :LOL:
  3. maybe you broke the shaft of the shifter, internally somewhere?

    could explain how it was free to move around 180 degrees without taking much damage visibly...

    nothing wrong with riding at night, just adjust for the conditions. trying to keep up was you only error. ride someone else's pace, and you will crash.

    i dunno how you went down lowside, but when i go down i tend to keep my head up so it doesnt impact hard with the road, however it may slide still. just looks like some light grazing, i reckon i'd keep it, but thats me, its your call.
  4. Sorry to hear about your "oopsie", but, as you say, you've learned your lesson. The main things is (and I'm sure you've been told before), always have an "out" clause. Never use up all your available resources because that will be the one time when you need some more.

    In the case of the helmet, sad to say, it's toast.

    As has been discussed ad nauseum here, the outside of the helmet may appear to be relatively undamaged, but the internal foam lining has done the job it was designed to do. Even though it may LOOK the same, it has, in fact, deformed during the accident and protected your head and your brain in exactly the way that helmets are supposed to do.

    Since that foam lining is sacrificial (ie, it crushes so that your head doesn't), once it has done its job once its ability to do it again is severely compromised.

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings. I have a very expensive Arai sitting on my shelf in the garage that has exactly the same sort of scratch marks on the visor but the shell appears undamaged. But it's a trophy now, a living testament to how technology can save your life. (that and some good defensive riding techniques)
  5. Glad you walked away with minimal injuries. It's never good to see a bike down but they're more easily fixed than we are.

    The beauty of the GPX is that the model hasn't changed in forever & spare parts are easily come by at wreckers. Some ZZR parts also fit, I think (but not 100% sure) the ZZR indicators fit the GPX, they just have an additional piece on the base that is easily removed. Twice I had to replace an indicator on my GPX, cost of $35 including postage from a local wrecker.
  6. thanks guys, but any idea what the brown liquid is? Is it some kinda old oil?

    Any ideas why it wont start? Im thinking that brown stuff has something to do with it?

    also, while the ignition is in the 'on' position, but the bike is not started, can you normally put ur bike into gears 2, 3, 4, 5, 6??

    Seriously, that brown stuff looks and moves like a mars bar caramel, and it looks like it has 'spat' up onto the bike, from the angle it landed..

    Im trying to start the bike, but it just has that battery buzzing sound.
  7. but if you dont actively impact your head, and simply slide it so as to scratch paintwork, how can you say it's not damaged? yes, i know you cant say it isnt damaged, without expensive testing or cutting it open. but at the same time you cannot say it is fact that the helmet is compromised beyond future use. im not made of money, i cant afford to throw out my rx7 Corsair if it simply has paint damage, and i dont believe it impacted it enough for it to do it's job as designed.
  8. Fair enough, but, upon reading the description yet again, it sounds like that helmet took a fair old smack. I wouldn't be risking it anyway. Oh, and opinion will never negate science, by the way. :p

    Funny about the Draggin's. I had exactly the same issue. A tiny tear on the outside, the kevlar was intact, but the knee was scratched.
  9. Im pretty sure the injuries on the knees are burns from the kevkar heating up from all the friction, not actualy cuts. As for the small little cuts, hitting a rock while sliding will still take skin off even through kevlar.
  10. That's a really weird colour for oil - I'd expect it to be blacker if it was that opaque. Grease?
  11. I know that if my gpx isn't running, I can only get first and neutral.
  12. nope. the gpx won't allow you to shift past 1st unless the bike is running
  13. Coolant. A small hole with weeping coolant while hot will lead to a thick liquid. Probably dented the radiator.
  14. Nope, I have 4 hours after getting my bike, ~ 24 hours after getting my L's.

    Don't be embaressed, you're not the first and not the last :)
  15. Off topic but where is this forum that has how soon people binned there bikes i cant find it...
  16. Ahhh the joys of a gpx at night, i remember that headlight, i often thought about removing it and putting in a candle :LOL: :LOL:
    Lesson has been learnt though i guess, ride your own pace hope your back on the road quickly
  17. yeah seems right. Just looked up google pics and it looks the same :(

    should i try and do something myself, or just take it to a mechanic?