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I've lane splitted...and..

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Bigchief, Jan 24, 2008.

  1. ...whooo hooooo it felt good :LOL:

    This morning on Lane Cove Rd, I finally worked up the nerve to Lane Split. Don't worry - gap between the cars was big enough to pass 2 bikes side by side :LOL: and I was barely doing 20km/h...and didn't do it for too long.


    I can definitely see the appeal (and benefit). Don't think I will do it all the time but often enough to build up the confidence (and skill)

  2. Once it starts you can't go back.
    welcome to teh wicked world [​IMG]
  3. SHAME ON YOU! Doing crap like that brings a bad image on the rest of us law abiding citizens.

    You disgust me!

    Good on ya. You start out slow and only doing it now and then but after you are confident with it you wont stop.
  4. Be sure to post when you clip your first mirror!! hahahahaha

    I clipped my first mirror on the ZX10 the other day. Stupid prick decided to roll forward just as i was passing him at the lights. :evil:
  5. I hear ya bambam_101! :cool:
    I have noticed other riders lane splitting and few times I have thought, "damn, that was close...!" At the moment I am doing it slowly and only when the gap is quite big :grin:

    Cleverlie - I get the impression those 'split personality pills' ain't working? :shock: :LOL:

    FALCON-LORD, Yeah I can see the addiction-factor :LOL:
  6. Its great. The only problem is getting to the front of the kew and then everyone around you expected you to take off super quick.

    Had a women the other day try to deliberatly cut me off as I split. As I came up alongside her she winds down her window to abuse me (but I just kept going - the look on her face was so funny).

  7. urgh, can we have something that netriders must read when they sign up?

    Passing between cars in stationary traffic (eg. traffic lights) is called FILTERING.

    If the traffic is moving at pace then it is called LANE SPLITTING.
  8. I'm called a d#ckhead approximately once a week.

    Makes my day :twisted: .

    After all, I'm not the one stationary in traffic.
  9. I dont get it. Why is there so much animosity? Is it because people think it is illegal???
  10. Jomo,

    In my case the traffic was moving - VERY slowly...

    And don't forget - there is also Lane Weaving...

    As for me, I'm learning. So forgive for making newbie errors if I have made any...
  11. I was talking about when i was FILTERING knob head. I know the difference, probably moreso than you NOOB. But thanks for your words of wisdom.

    The fact is, its pretty much irrelevant as the OP was only doing about 20kmh when he was doing it so you could consider it FILTERING.

    Ugh, can we have something that 18yo netrider know it all wankers can read before shooting their mouth off.
  12. It's because people are stupid, jealous and ill-informed.

    I filter and split. It is excellent fun.
  13. oops didnt mean to post! :grin:

  14. Ouch. I *was* coming back to this thread to say I was sorry that I was so abrupt but now I'm just hurt :p

    I admit my mistake here - I assumed that you were talking about splitting seen as the whole point of this thread, the very topic at hand, WAS splitting.

    And yes I agree at 20km/h it would be filtering, hence in my other post I referred to splitting being done when traffic is "at pace" eg. not idling forward but actually moving with quite some speed.
  16. I have a problem with it... one thing that pisses me off no end is when someone filters or splits and then slows me down by crawling... (Normally 50cc scooters... or shitty riders on litre bikes) if you filter to the front and then take off super slow and sit on or below the posted speed limit... piss off back in the queue. I'm not saying you should break the law by any huge margin just get your heap of shit outta the way either take it to the limit faster than I do or don't do it at all. :evil:

    Filtering to the front then dragging your arse is fcukin criminal. If I see a faster car sitting at the lights (im on a 250 so rule out most 6ers) I don't split.
  17. I assume jealousy.

    I've spoken to my mates and know I felt this way long before I even considered getting a motorcycle - That lane splitting/filtering is one of the perks to balance out all the other issues you have to deal with as a rider.

    When I do it I always make sure I take off promptly and safely.
  19. I started filtering about 6 months ago and spliiting about 2 months ago. I only split sometimes when relatively safe. I love it cause I plan it all out, I think what gear to be in, and how to approach and exit the gap safely. Its great fun. (I have to have the right gear as my 250 has no balls).
  20. i would say that the ability to filter/split makes up for all the other sh¡t you cop on a bike...

    been riding to work quite a bit lately and when the traffic is slower its generally safer and quicker than when the trafffic is moving all around you

    that said last night i had a cager go off at me because i filtered to the front (massive gaps) and waited for the lights to go green,

    the left arrow went green and he beeped and yelled at me a few times because he actually wanted to turn left...

    No blinker to indicate this intention of COURSE! otherwise i would have kept to the right to stay out of the way

    ah well, he had a nice little yell and got it out of his system before he went home to his wife and kids, i had a giggle at him and then rode some nice twistys the long way home...