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ive just lost one of my brake pads... while riding.

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by spenaroo, May 20, 2012.

  1. coming home from church today i heard a metalic clunk as i hit a speedbump, but it wasnt on the second speed hump. so i made a not to check if something was loose and kept riding,

    then when riding i hear another clunk. so i start looking at my front end, lights there, horn works, front caliper and disc is there.... pull in the brake and get nothing.

    so ride it home (literally 2 minutes away) and check for sighns of fluid leak... cant see anything wet. i then check the caliper.... ive only got one brake pad. i then have a look at my bottom bolt (goes through the bottom of the pads) and its undone, with a gap where the missing pad is.

    so the question is, what do i do now??

    is there a chance that the pistons have dropped out???
  2. Replace your pads (all of them) tighten your bolts.

    No mate that will be there still.

    PM me your suburb and phone number dude, i may be able to come out and have a look for you.
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  3. I will be good I will b good i will b good
    Better check your brake pad pins are still in the calipers too. Usually they have to fall out for the pad to go.
  4. yeh, thats what i thought when i checked some parts fiche (motorcycle parts interpreter, so got acces to this stuff:p). not a mechanic though, thus the stupid piston question - didnt really look, and was still in panic mode when i posted.

    is it worth putting an seal rebuild kit in it, as i assume ill have to take the caliper off and apart to install the new pads. (shame, as looking at the one i have left, it still had alot of life left in.... maybe explains why ive never locked brakes even when trying... ive done 10,000ks and it looks new, so suspect its a bit dodgy - now ill have the peace of mind of good qaulity pads.)
  5. thanks for the offer,
    much appreciated it. but id like to have a stab at it myself for my own satisfaction and masculine pride :D, may take you up on the offer if i really screw up. but should be fine.
  6. No probs mate. I just saw you're at chirnside park. Sing out if you need a hand.

    Do your research on servicing your brakes before you attack them. Sounds like it needs a kit if only one piston is working, but you need to take care to do the job properly. Brakes are important I've been told.
  7. what chef said!!
    someone on here on recently did his calipers, seals redone etc. Take your time with it, and ask for help [chef's offer would be better then mine living where I am!! ]
    clean EVERYTHING!! If uncertain as to how things go together, lay stuff out on the floor and work left to right [or whatever you relate to] then reverse it : )
    Good luck and take pics!! Or it didnt happen :) plus a time frame so learners can learn!
  8. Was the bike recently serviced? What would cause the pads to fall out?
  9. 2290_FRONT%20BRAKE%20CALIPER.

    dont have acces to the the vtr250 fiche withought going into work, but the cbr has simmilar calipers (different pads by the look of it - surprising as the single r, uses the same wheel and forks).

    so the bolt/pin (number 21) holds the pads in place on the caliper.
    this bolt had loosend and come undone. it had slipped back enough for the brake pad (10) on the inside closest to the wheel to fall out, luckily the weight of the other pad (8) was enough force to keep it from coming any further out.

    the retaining clips (12 and 14) would also have come loose and out (removed the remaining pad by hand when i took out the bolt. and cant see them in the caliper)

    so now ive got another ride with no front brakes to the oldmans workshop where all my tools are (his tools are at home in the shed somewhere... but id rather use my own, and appparently he'd rather use mine too - cant complain as he keeps adding to it:D)
    at least the wr is road reg, so ive got another bike to ride. as i wont get a chance to fix the vtr till next sunday.

    will do.
  10. You must have also lost the lock screw part number 20 for the bolt/pin 21 to come loose.
  11. probably,
    wasnt in the habbit of checking my calipers for loose bolts. but the caliper is slightly different on the vtr, and i cant see anyroom for a lock screw.
    either way, its getting loctite on it now.
  12. The pin screws in and then the grub screw gets screwed into the hole as well.

    Equals a lock screw, Not wise with the locktite, Its too hard to get out when you change your pads next time,
  13. If it wasnt for my drive being concreted tomorrow, You could bring it over here and I will do it for you,

    I have all the tools necessary here,

    I am near the York on Lilydale,
  14. well it just keeps getting bettter,
    odered the parts today, should be in wednesday but i cant pick up till friday.
    seal kit is around $10 so youd be stupid not to do it. and sintered pads (rather then ceramic) were an extra $5... so once again, always ask for the price on the best option, rather then recomended. which is what we will give u, if u dont ask. (excel is sbs's top street pad)

    however the navara decided to die at lunch, leaving me stranded and unable to get back to work. had a look with the old man, and its electrical. so it wont be running for a while. so now im down to my last vehicle the wr250f.... good thing its road registered. (yes its expensive when its my dirt bike, but i only pay half, as my oldman and brother pay the other half so they can borrow it when they want to ride on the road. plus its fun for the occasional hoon)
  15. Not to mention the content of your bowels

    I would think that catastrophic disasters are made of such things.