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I've heard the handling described as a bit wooden...

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by TonyE, Jul 18, 2006.

  1. While this does appear a little silly and some people might think it belongs in the jokes area, I wonder what the potential would be to use wooden laminates.

    If they can build an airframe for the WWII Mosquito out of wood then what could you do for a motorcycle using modern techniques?

  2. Using hardwood laminates with isocyanate glues, you'd get inter laminar bonding well and truly strong enough, but moulding and jointing could be the downfall, as well as particular strength characteristics differing between traditional metal frames and timber framework.

    You might also want to be careful to route the exhaust away from the frame, and store it undecover!
  3. Mouldings may be an issue -but considering the complex shapings you see for furniture and other products would it be insurmountable?

    You can insulate the exhaust from the frame easily enough.

    Storing it outside - not a problem - paint it with outdoor house paint :LOL:
  4. What if you have a termite problem ? :LOL:
  5. You're just trying to white-ant the idea aren't you? :LOL:
  6. Timber has some advantages. Morgan still use it for the frame of their cars since it allows it to flex and act as part of the suspension, though frame flex is not really something you want on a bike. Of course the biggest downside, especially with laminates, is they tend to have a limited lifespan and it's extremely difficult/impossible to repair damage. It is cheap though which is why it was popular with warplanes that were considered essentially as "disposable" - guess the same could be said of many learner bikes so maybe there's potential there.
  7. Another reason that using wood framing was stopped was crashing a wood framed plane was more dangerous (same with wood framed buses and cars).

    The wood doesn't bend cleanly, instead it fractures tending to leave jaggard and dangerous 'splinters' or 'spears'.

    Not the best thing to be thrown forward into...
  8. That's true - most injuries in naval battles in the days of wooden ships were caused by splinters - not by direct cannon fire.

    I'm thinking more as a design exercise than for practical usage :wink:

    Mind you the biggest danger would be the bad jokes you'd need to endure...
    Someone here asked was it being made by a splinter-group of H-D? :roll: :LOL:
  9. It'd be interesting to see moulded aluminium/paper honeycomb/carbon fibre laminates used for motorbike frames/fairings as well (similar to many aircraft), but I think the cost would be prohibitive. You wouldn't want to drop a bike built like this, that's for sure.

    The lifespan of laminates could be improved by using hardwwod timbers (many laminates are softwood species), and flexing could be minimised through design. The laminates of today are quite different to those used in warplanes of WW2 - especially glues and processes have improved.

    I don't think the cost would be comparable with either option....
  10. It's certainly a great design excercise. Keep working on it Tony, you just might nail it. :LOL:
  11. Also note that the Mosquito and Hurricane had wooded sections because it was WWII and resources were scarce. And was used in low stress areas where metal can be substituted, like the tail fusalage side areas.
  12. I think it's got too many knotty problems to be successful... :roll:

    If anyone builds it it won't be me... my carpentry skills are non-existent :LOL:

    I can also see some turf disputes in TAFE Institutes over maintenance training - should it be done by the Building Studies dept or the Automotive Dept? :LOL: :LOL:
  13. Nah man, biggest conflict would be from Uni Art students !
    They'll give an opinion on the form and function of that thing ! :LOL:
  14. I think you're barking up the wrong tree, Tony.....
  15. Leave your bike in one place for too long, and you might come back to find it's rooted! :LOL:
  16. ..but the servicing organisation would probably have branches everywhere....
  17. I thought this posting was going out on a limb... :LOL:
  18. If this keeps up I'm going to have to bough to everyone else's wit...
  19. I saw this photo a few months ago on a Korean motorbike board. We all had good laugh. Just look at all the things this lunatic has done to put together this odd-looking bike. AFAIK and from what I read, the bike has no front brake. Braking is done by engine, rear brake, and a pair of shoes. :shock: :LOL:

    No one really knew where this was taken. So, there were a number of theories though: poor Chinese carpenter's ride, budget-conscious Korean undergraduate engineering students' final year project (it's amazing what they can make with a budget of several hundred bucks), latest biodegradable Harley hardtail cruiser (at least, will handle like one), etc. :p
  20. Nup ... sorry .. it goes totally "against-the-grain" with me .. if it had decent rear suspension etc I "mitre" considered it. :LOL: