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I've got the paint codes- Can i get it made up in a can?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by woodsy109, Jun 13, 2007.

  1. As the suject heading says, i'm after some touch-up paint in a spray can. Does anyone have any experience with finding out where to get matching paint? With cars I know most auto stores stock the common colours for each manufacturers but i've never seen any for bikes. Is there any autostore chains that make up paint for you? Obviously i'm in nth qld so telling me such and such does it in melbourne won't help unless they are a chain store.

    This problem stems from the shin protectors on my boots sratching the fairing so if anyone has some ingenius idea that will stop this then please tell!


  2. Have you tried a pair of moccasins? :LOL: :p
  3. http://www.conceptpaints.com.au/

    is a paint company not a store, however they will mix at any one of their distributors any custom colour and put it in a spray can for u.

    go to the site find a dealer next to u
  4. www.keyseysmotorcylcetouchuppaint.com.au

    serious, thats the URL he got me to register for him ;)

    Thats a side business run by Original Finish out of Kilsyth in Melbourne.

    Look them up and give them a call. The do COD
  5. lol URL is broken BTW

    Another BTW most paint stores do not stock colours by manuafactures they mix them on the spot, with the apropriate ratio of other colours/flakes ect
  6. Auotbarn in Pakenham, Victoria can make up paint for you and put it in a pressure pack.
    I'ts the only place i've seen that does it, may be a call to them and ask who sells the 'system' (or whatever it is) and from there you should be able to find out who has it up your way.
  7. Peps at Prestons does, so it's not uncommon. I'm not sure about the rules for postage of pressure packs.

    A can won't get you far however.
  8. How old is the bike? Some colours fade quickly. The original paint may now be the wrong shade. It's best to find a place that can mix the proper colour on the spot for you.
  9. It's 2002 so hopefully not too faded yet.

    Well I know it can be done now so I will just have a search around and there will surely be someone around Cairns that does it.

  10. Well found out my local autobarn do it and it is interestingly enough a concept paints stand. Thanks zbike and woodsy, you two were spot on for advice.

    I needed two cans at $28 each :shock: . One was the base colour and the other a transparent pearl. Luckily I already have a clear topcoat from my car touchup kit so I didn't need that. Turned out to be an expensive little job.
  11. Good to see your paint issue sorted.

    I had the same problem with the SP1. I used a piece of self adhesive felt on the boot.
  12. Yeah, you get that when you don't pay the bills :)
  13. There is a place in sydney. But if you are in cairns thats useless to you.