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I've got my Blackbird back!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by bugeater, Jul 24, 2007.

  1. Well finally my Blackbird is back. Redwing did a good job of getting it back to new and the insurance agency wasn't too difficult. All the fairings have been replaced, bar the lower left-hand one. There is also a new tank and screen. Miscellaneous other bits were also replaced. I also took the opportunity to get the pipes replaced with polished stainless steel Microns. Cost me very little extra (since the stock pipes cost so much). It is considerably louder and more "growly". It also looks a lot better and took off a fair bit of weight.

    My clothing has also been all covered, so I've gotten a new jacket, boots and helmet. I just picked up a new Shoei TZ-R, which I'm quite happy with. The range of vision seems greater than my old AGV. I've also got a new suit on order (since my pants were damaged).

    It was still shit to have an accident, given the wounding and danger. My holiday plans were also ruined. But the other guys insurance paid up quite quickly, so it wasn't so bad in the end. And my bike is looking all shiny and new, which is rather different to the other times my bike has been damaged by someone.
  2. Great news, good to hear a story of an insurance company doing what you pay them for... :LOL:
    Are you happy with the "new" bike, does it feel any different?
  3. That is great news! are you posting post opp pic's of the blackbird in the garage! Would be good to see her in new trim. Stay safe mate, hope you enjoy your newish bike! :cool:

    EDIT: just looked in your garage, now wonder your so happy to get her back, she is a dam fine looking machine! Really like the colour mate!
  4. Well done.
    This should be made a sticky and shoved up the arse of anyone who thinks they can ride without insurance. :wink:
  5. Yeah, but it'll never happen to me...

  6. This was covered by the other guys insurance, since he caused the accident. Thus all my damage (including clothing and protective gear) was covered. If it went on my insurance then my clothing wouldn't have been covered (even though I thought I had helmet cover).

    Still you should ride with full insurance anyway, since you never know when the other guy might do a runner or (heaven forbid) you are the cause of the accident.

    This experience certainly wasn't as bad as the other couple of times I've had to deal with insurance agencies.

    As to photos, I will take some soon as soon as I get an opportunity. I think the new mufflers definitely improve it, and the fairings are very new and shiny :grin:
  7. still waitinf for my bird to arrive back from UK. Shipped it to Isle of man TT and rode scotland etc. The bird was so at home on the UK motorways. Cruising between 140 to 180kph,fully loaded with all our gear(missus as pillion) and I f i had doubted the bird I surely dont now. Had my tomtom 910 tucked up under thescreen and would have been completely lost without it.
    Fell over at a servo in scotland tho...cracked screen,broken mirror mount,broken brake lever and some bark of the RH lower fairing....as you say INSURANCE!!
  8. That would be a sweet trip. My grandfather was the mechanic for a team before WWII, so I'd love to go there and ride my bike.
  9. [/quote]
    That would be a sweet trip. My grandfather was the mechanic for a team before WWII, so I'd love to go there and ride my bike.[/quote]

    I can only describe my encounter with the IOM TT.... PHAAAARKIN AWESOME!!!!!
    Go do it bud...you will never regret it. The only downside is that you will be infected by the TT virus.......ya have to keep goin! We are goin again in 09...maybe next year...check finances