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I've found a bike! it's a Duc!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by taiheung, Jul 1, 2008.

  1. ....848 to be precise! :grin:

    Well my hunt for a decent 675 was becoming fruitless, and on Saturday morning in a desperate attempt to find something before year's end I hit up the usual websites one last time. After finding a few numbers and slapping on the shoes to head out, I thought I'd try my luck and see if anyone had my dream bike for sale - the Ducati 848. Sure enough there was one! It had been up for less than 12 hours and was nearly brand spanking new. 30 seconds later I was dialling and telling him to hold all calls because he'd just found a buyer.... and now, 4 days later, a round trip to Goulburn, a 40 point check by Frasers, and a few sleepless nights I'm now the proud new owner of a mint, 6 month old Ducati 848. Pearl White and cleeaaaan (except for the LH mirror that broke off into my hands 10 minutes into ownership :oops: thank God for warranty).

    Woo Hoo Hoo!! (Pics to come)

    Really really crap Pics Page 2
  2. Niiiiiiice, love the 848
  3. Ktulu is not going to like this, two new bike posts in 24hours without pictures!

    White is very cool. :cool:
  4. Excellent - I've heard nothing but good things about the 848.
  5. You lucky bastard! Congrats, cant wait to see some pics...
  6. well done and +1 for pics - saw one in at Melb Ducati the other day and it has me thinking about it as a possible upgrade bike next year if the budget can stretch that far...

    my dream Duc is on ebay at the moment - I even managed to get the first bid in at 5K just for a laugh - check out ebay item 200235446050 ...Desmosedicci
  7. If it has new vehicle warranty why bother paying for an inspection?
  8. "Abuse" is not covered by warranty
  9. $110 inspection or a $20,000 mistake. I chose inspection. :grin:
  10. They better be...
  11. nice!
    there's a white 848 on this month's Fast Bikes calendar, hanging over our toilet

    it's great having a legitimate reason to touch myself in bad places while staring at lush bikes...
  12. NICE !!!
  13. impatient.
    impatient. impatient.

    By the way, I bet you're feeling like hammock.

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  14. Niiiiiiice.

    They are a very cool looking bike. And from all reports in the magazines, a great ride too.

    So jealous!

    Can't wait for the pics!
  15. Ummm, on my Multistrada, and I think most recent Ducatis, the mirror surround is fixed, and you move the mirror glass to adjust the view.

    You tried to move the plastic surround, didn't you?

    Check the owners manual, but I suspect you might have a little trouble with that warranty claim.

    Don't worry though, you have a lovely bike, especially in Pearl White. Although personally I think they would make a better track bike than a road bike. But that is just because it is a real sportsbike. :grin:
  16. That's a beaut bike congrats!
  17. 848a.

    :grin: I got tired of waiting.
  18. I actually pressed on the glass to try and get it to move in (it's obvious the surround does not move, it's quite thick with no joints) and I felt this little pop - similar to what an electric mirror does when the motor reaches the end of its swivel range - next thing I know I'm holding the glass mirror in my hand and the lights have gone green, haha. I crapped myself and prayed I didn't drop it as I found the next side street. Also - I left the damn thing running with lights on today for FIVE hours!!!
    I parked it at the major bike parking spot on Sussex St (beside the onramp to Anzac Bridge) around 2pm and it was bright so I had no idea - I got back around 7pm to find the brake light on. I think I had it in that 'p' key setting. I have no idea what that is, and why it's after lock. I'll read the manual tomorrow night.

    My impressions so far are limited as its only been transporting it to and from work today - but I do have to say I'm smiling ear to ear, the power delivery is exactly what I wanted and the machine when warmed up rides so easily in heavy traffic. The seating position while aggressive is quite comfortable and as I do not have to stretch far across the tank to the handles I haven't yet found any strain on my lower back (noticeable for me as I have a slipped disc). Note: I'm 5"7. The mirrors are crap, and serve no function except for staring at my own arms - thanks but I do that enough at the gym. The sound - orgasmic, may start saving for the carbon slip ons however.

    Last - if anyone is thinking of doing this:
    Not that I did finance, but HSBC have the best unsecured rate at the moment at 12.95% and you can find as low as 10% if you can secure your purchase. At 10% on a brand new 848 I'd imagine it would work out to just over $100 a week / 5 years. Not bad.

    Insurance? Western QBE comprehensive - 22 y.o. full licence. 2 x <15km/h fines. 35% no claim. always garaged, weekend rider. No finance. $3170pa approx. Excess: $500.

    Here are some quick photos of it shoved in the garage.
    I am so broke :( but happy! :grin: I might do a little photoshoot on the weekend with the new 135i (just out of shot) this weekend, have a little fun off the bike :D It's hell dirty thanks to outback dust and transportation.



  19. Veeery nice bike. Broke? Join the club! :LOL: Enjoy. :)