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I've Flung Me Dung

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by stigger, Feb 25, 2011.

  1. Its with great sadness I have to announce the death of me dung.

    At 5:30 pm AEDST I hit some debry in the road and proceeded to abandon ship at about 110kmh after some unsuccessful rodeo maneouvers.

    So if you were stuck in traffic this yesterday arvo on the F3 at cooronbong I apologise.

    The Hyo is at the towies awaiting the last rites, which is a pity as I had come to the expectation that I'd get it to 100,000k's.

    I how ever am residing at home after a night at John Hunter with some pretty minor abrasions and some pretty major bruises.

    So TTFN and unlike me please attempt to keep the black side down.

  2. Shit man, I had a bloke message me telling me there was a prang on the F3 as I headed north today, glad your here talking about it :)
  3. Commiserations, glad you came out of it relatively unscathed, although it probably doesn't feel like that.
  4. you came out of a decent prang relatively unscathed
    be happy and grateful.
    What ya getting next?
  5. More evidence of the unreliability of Hyosung's ;)

    On a serious note, glad to hear your ok, time to go shopping for that new steed...
  6. Seriously mate after hitting the deck at freeway speeds and emerging with basically friction burns and loads of sprains, I'm fully aware how lucky I am... Or is that bouncy...
  7. One of those inflatable cars on the insurance ad, if my wife has her way...
  8. Supple and tenderized into the bargain, what more could your wife want?

    I hope you are going to get back on a bike, wife notwithstanding.
  9. Glad to hear you can laugh about it. Sorry to hear that the Hyo can't All the best with the recovery and getting back on the road. I hope it is quick for you.

  10. Glad your okay, heard about it on the radio yesterday when I was at work, but they don't give too much information, basically just traffic updates. Bums me out when I hear 'another motorcyclist is down...', none the less to come out relatively unscathed from a 100km/h+ off is pretty impressive ;)
  11. Glad u r ok mate! John hunter have some great staff so you couldn't ask for better..
  12. Good to hear you are ok mate. I heard about it too being local enough to it.
    Heal up, few months if you look after those sprains properly and you probably wont even be able to tell you even had most of them!
  13. As I'm not travelling the F3 on a regular basis I don't get stuck on it nor do I have a need to tune into the traffic reports so I'll allow you to save your apology for another day :p

    On the serious side I'm absolutely pleased to hear that you've come away from a decent off with a serve of full body tenderness, anytime you can walk (limp) away from a stack is a good time.

    Rest up and look forward to the shopping trip.
  14. bad news, I'm surprised you weren't used for traction by the dolly-birds in Corollas the way traffic is on the F3 these days.....

    Heal up and think shopping :)
  15. Ladies and Gentlemen, I introduce you..the rubber man! you sir are some what lucky, a hyo that almost made it to 100k with out imploding, hitting the deck at 110 with only bruising and sprains, what next? a lottery ticket? should look into that by the way.
  16. Good to see you walked away, and hopefully you can get back on 2 wheels quick and not a inflatable car
  17. Glad to hear you bounced your way out of serious injury and took another hyo off the road for us :p

    If the wife tries to use the "see how dangerous riding is" argue, simply remind her that it was a purely and accident and your weren't doing something stupid at the time, and it's like rubber from a tyre blowing out hitting the windscreen of a car.
  18. poudle dost
  19. 110 is nothing to sneeze at glad you came out relatively unscathed.

    Where is the Hyosung love you guys, so whats your next steed going to be stigger?
  20. how many ks did it have on it?

    great to hear you're unscathed. Thats an impressive crash you walked away from...