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I've finally made it here :)

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by warnzie, Sep 4, 2008.

  1. Hi there everyone. Thought i should introduce myself. Im Nathan from the Gold Coast and i've finally got myself here. Yeah i know a long time coming but better late than ever. My background in riding has seen me riding bikes since i was 5 - all dirt and enduro bikes. I had a dilema about 2 months ago about my current bike. It was a GasGas EC200 - enduro bike with full reg and i found myself riding it on the road all the time..why..because its become the only place to ride a dirtbike unless you drive for hours on end to get somewhere...just dont have time for that anymore..so it is now gone and time for a roadie. I have had my bike L's for 2 years now (never really went un unrestricted as all my bikes where under the 250cc anyway) but wish i did cause im very restricted in what i can buy now especially with QLD's licecing scheme. To clear that statement up, im not worried about power cause a 250cc has enough power to cause anyone damage on the road, more so the selection is very limited and i will have to buy 2 bikes..one now and one for the future. I think LAMS is fantastic and i wish QLD would take it up. So a question, will QLD take up LAMS soon? Thanks and look forward to getting advice from everyone.

  2. not likely...
    the government is too busy digging holes under the brisbane river...

    there isnt much in the way of range of NEW 250's, but look at older models and it diversifys a bit. either that or do what everybody else does and buy a VTR or a NINJA!!!!!


    haha, welcome to the forums mate.
    (abandon all hope, ye who enter here)

  3. Welcome and good luck with the dilema

    Cam :grin: