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I've done it....

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by awoodage, Nov 22, 2008.

  1. A while back I posted about changing over from a scooter to a bike - well i've done it.....

    I picked up my new er6n this morning. I'm feeling a little bit overwhelmed at the the moment, was very nervous getting it home in the wind - but all was ok. I still don't feel completely comfortable with gears, but have to say the gears are lot easier to work with than the honda 250 I rented for the weekend awhile back. Maybe I was just more familiar riding with gears, but there was certainly less stalling and jerking when riding off from a stop.

    The other thing I don't feel completely comfortable with is the weight. When i'm stopped i don't feel like i've got much lean to play with before I wouldn't be able to hold up the weight of the bike - i got oggie knobs just in case :)

    I'm looking forward to getting more confidence on it - then you won't get the smile off my face.

    Now to sell my scooter......

  2. Good to hear Alison, its a good bike. I was the same when i got mine, but now it feels so easy to ride. You'll get there soon enough.
  3. Get into the Gym.
  4. Getting to the gym will help but the very act of pushing the bike around will both build up muscle and build up familiarity. At the minute your body feels uncomfortable with what it is not used to. It gets easier.

    Congrats on joining the big kids.
  5. I already go to the gym, so i guess i'll just have to go more..... :roll:
  6. Squats are your friend.
  7. Congrats !

    ..and Welcome to the Dark Side
  8. Congratulations Alison, I thought I was having a big jump up, going from a Virago 250 to a ER-6f, but you win hands down :grin:
  9. Is that because you cannot flatfoot when you are on the bike?
  10. I can now - i dragged out some old boots from the cupboard which add an inch to my legs. I could 'flatfoot' without these boots, but with them I feel so much more comfortable. Still feeling a bit wobbly overall though - hopefully the wind/wet will stop so I can get out there and really get my confidence levels up. Until then, I'll be sticking to the scooter. Then I'll be selling it!!!
  11. I can't believe that I'm first with:

  12. +1

    Deadlifts are your friend too. :)
  13. Hi Alison,

    Congrats on the new bike and well done!

    As everyone else has said, you WILL get used to the bike and the mechanics of supporting it, the more you use it.

    And why I certainly wouldn't want to put you into a position you feel unsafe in;
    If you don't ride in the wet / wind - how do you plan to get used to riding in those conditions, otherwise...

    None the less - enjoy your new bike, I am sure you'll both have a great time together!
  14. Oh don't worry - I'll be riding in the wet/wind/almost anything. Afterall my bike (well at the moment, bikes) are my only mode of transport. I'll just be taking my time in doing that.... :)
  15. had mine for a year and still have the odd moment with the weight.
    as well as oggys when you get a paddock stand (so you can lube the chain) get big swingarm spools. helps if you topple over :facepalm:
    apart from that I got a fly screen, ventura rack and heated handgrips.
  16. okay - bear with me - i'm new....what exactly is a paddock stand and swingarm spools? :oops:
    I DO know what oggys are though - i've got them already
  17. #17 twistngo, Nov 25, 2008
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 13, 2015
    this is a paddock stand
    the er6 doesn't have a centre stand so you need it to get the back wheel off the ground to lube the chain. the swing arm spools
    screw into the little holes near the back wheel and the paddock stand slots around them.
    there's lots of types.
    might need someone to show you how to get the bike up on it the first time.

    edit. you know you need to lube the chain every 400k or so.
  18. another thing to add to the knowledge bank....thanks
  19. Good onya gal :!: It is a trifle daunting speaking from experience ... I was tossing up between the ER6n or the GSR600, got the GSR600. And .. I've toppled over with it. Oh dear sweet Oggy Knobs you saved my darling from getting scratched. It's a case of it is the Slave and Y O U are the Master but you'll get there. So where's the photo then??? Oh, nix that, I haven't got my bike in the garage yet either.

    Enjoy the ride ...